How Do You Use the Default Search on Amazon Kindle or Fire? 

How Do You Use the Default Search Amazon Kindle or Fire?

The Kindle, Fire Tablet, or Kindle Fire tablet is a cheap, multi-purpose, and extremely easy to use tablet that’s taken off in the USA. While originally launched as a tablet slash e-reader, the Kindle Fire is now the Fire – a full tablet in its own right, with search, cameras, and its own app store, all geared around media and media playback. But, if you’re moving to Kindle for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. Like, how do you use the default browser?  

Kindle tablets use Silk, a web browser designed by Amazon for the device. But, Silk uses Bing as a search engine and you can change that as well.  

What is Silk?

Silk is Amazon’s browser, and the only browser Amazon truly supports on their Kindle and Fire tablets. It comes built into your device, and you won’t find any browser apps in the Amazon store.  

While this can be annoying, especially if you’re accustomed to other browsers like Google Chrome, Silk actually has a lot to offer. For example, Amazon uses proxy servers, so that when you can’t load a website quickly, they load it through proxy, so that you get content faster. The browser uses Amazon’s vast Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create algorithms based on your search to prioritize download speed for content that you view, so you get faster load times no matter what your Wi-Fi or 4G speed.  

It’s also built into your Fire tablet or phone, making it the easiest possible solution to use. However, there are other options, and you can install solutions like Google Chrome by jumping through a few technical hoops.  

First, let’s get started with using Silk on your Fire.  

Launching and Using Silk

Every Fire device has two ways to access Silk. Either from the app button or by pressing the + on your menu.  

To access from the menu:  

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen 
  • Press the + button on the far left of your screen 
  • Tap “Open Silk Browser”  

To access from the app:  

Scroll from your home page or home-page layout until you see the Silk browser icon. Tap it.  

How to Access the Help Menu  

  • Open Silk 
  • Tap “Menu” on the navigation bar or swipe from the left of the screen 
  • Tap “Help and Support”  

Is Silk Safe to Use?

While you might occasionally hear that Silk saves your data, and might be wary of using it if you want to protect your privacy, Silk is generally safe to use. You do have to exercise caution when using websites you are unfamiliar with and when loading sites like torrent or streaming sites which might be compromised. However, Silk offers a good security experience so you are as safe on Silk as any other browser.  

Click through to page 4 to learn more about privacy on Silk, or click through to page 2 to read our top tips and tricks for the Amazon Silk browser.

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