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Uploading Torrents Part 1


Uploading Torrents Part 1

If you’ve been following our free and legal torrent series, then you know we’ve been talking about how torrents work, which torrents are legal, and how to download them. Now, we’re going to talk about uploading torrents. You will need a couple of free tools to get started, but other than that, the process is fairly easy. First, let’s talk about legality.

Is It Yours?

Before you even think about uploading a torrent of anything, you have to ascertain that ether:
The proprietary rights of 100% belong to you. This is the case if A) it is your intellectual property. B) you have created it solely on your own, or C), anyone who helped to create it with you has signed an agreement or upload it with you.


  • There is no copyright on the item in question. Copyright status widely varies across media, and most can be determined on a per case basis.
  • You have written permission from the creator or creators to upload and/or use the media in creative commons.
  • If either of these three conditions are met, then you can proceed with your uplaod. Otherwise, uploading it may be illegal.


  • If you uploaded a Queensryche album you would be breaking the law.
  • If you uploaded a Queensryche album with written permission from the members of Queensryche holding the copyright, it would be legal.
  • If you uploaded a song you wrote and performed yourself, it would be legal
  • If you uploaded a song you wrote and performed with four other people without asking them first, it would be illegal.

There are also a couple of gray areas.

  • If you upload a 1923 movie, it is most likely legal.
  • If you upload a bootleg live recording of Aerosmith from 1979 that was never copyrighted by the band, uploading it is legal, but the bootleg is still illegal.

The best idea is to simply not upload anything that you didn’t create yourself.

What You Need to Upload a Torrent

Now that you know what you can and cannot upload, let’s talk about how to actually upload a torrent. You will need a torrent tracker, a bittorrent client, and a torrent website.

First, you have to create a .torrent file. Vuze and Utorrent are the best free tools for this job. Both are free bittorrent clients with plenty of features including remote control, syncing torrents directly to your media center, and more. Vuze also includes it’s own tracker, which means that you can upload and download torrents right in the client, but availability is more limited.

Both are free, although Vuze has the nicer interface and Utorrent takes up fewer system resources. To create a torrent file in either, just click ‘File’, ‘New’ and choose the file you want to upload. You’ll also have to choose your torrent tracker, public or private, and a couple of other functions.

Torrent Tracker

If you’re not using Vuze or Utorrent, then you will need a torrent tracker. Torrent trackers help keep track of your torrent so that when people are downloading little bits of it, it gets put back together properly. You may also guess that torrent trackers are responsible for dividing data up in the first place. If you’re uploading a torrent then you do need a tracker. There are two types of torrent trackers, private and public.

Public Trackers – Public Trackers are public because anyone can use them and upload with them. Public trackers can be added to existing torrents, and can be used to make new torrents. Some of the most popular options include OpenBitTorrent and PublicBitTorrent, as well as iStoleIt, although the later is designed for use with illegal torrents.

Private Trackers – Private torrent trackers are a little more elite because they require users to sign up and register an account before using the tracker. Many of these accept new users on an invite only basis.

Some people choose to use many different trackers to improve the torrent’s reliability, but others prefer to use a single torrent. Vuze actually uses a sort of trackerless upload, which is somewhat different, but does not require the user to go through third party software.

Our recommendation, try using OpenBitTorrent or PublicBitTorrent unless you plan on uploading a great deal of different torrents.