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Udemy Online Courses – Are They Worth It?


Udemy Online Courses – Are They Worth It?

Udemy is one of many websites offering online courses, but like the others, it can often be difficult to decide whether or not those courses are worth the money. Unlike many other computer courses, Udemy does offer free options, so you can also sign up and just take all of the free courses if you want.

How Does It Work

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One thing that I did not like about Udemy is that anyone can become an instructor. By recording and putting up a class, you can attempt to earn money, which is great if you’re an expert, but the truth is, not everyone is an expert. This means that people might be posting courses based on content where they aren’t qualified to teach. This does not mean they do not know a great deal about it, it is just about as far from accredited learning as it gets.

After a teacher puts a course online, you the student can pay to take it after signing up for a free account. Udemy maintains a minimum of 60% video content per course, which means that you will spend the majority of your time watching video.

Available Courses

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Udemy has over 18,000 available courses which range from yoga to php and mysql development and everything in between. The result is that you can take almost any course you want, although prices vary greatly, as do the length of courses. Udemy only requires a minimum of 30 minutes of course material, so make sure you fully read the description before taking a course.

Review of Udemy

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I took a Udemy course on HTML, which is a topic I know a little bit about, but not a great deal. The course consists of some 37 video lectures which vary between 5 and 28 minutes in length each, and includes several quizzes throughout the course. Each video outlines a specific part of HTML, some of which was basic and some of which was not. In this case, the instructor was an expert, although I did have a few problems with the course.

  1. The video was almost consistently a screen recording
  2. The audio was also not professionally recorded, although it was clear.

What I did like about the course included that it was comprehensive, covered all of the basics as well as some advanced options, and took the time to clearly outline what HTML5 was and was not before starting. While I already know a bit of HTML, this would be something that a beginning learner would want to know.

Out of curiosity, I then used a coupon to purchase another course. This one was on mobile app development, and like the first, discussed a variety of topics surrounding the course before continuing with various languages, and information on accessing various features on a phone with apps, such as the accelerometer.

Free Courses

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Udemy offers hundreds of free courses on various topics ranging from poetry and literature to reading music, and many of them are worth your time. Most of these courses include 2 to 10 hours of video, which means that you can take a free course in one to two weeks depending on your schedule and learn to broaden your horizons. While ‘free’ definitely means that you will not receive any accreditation or certification as a result of your learning, it also means picking up new skills or knowledge for nothing more than the cost of the time you put into it. Some examples of free courses include “The Early Protestant Reformation”, “Poetry, What it is & How to Understand It”, and “How to Read Music for Busy People”.

While Udemy offers some great courses, and often at stellar pricing, you may have a better time learning at an official course. However, if you shop around, use coupons, and choose the occasional free deals, you can learn a lot from Udemy, sometimes for as little as $5 per course.