Top 10 Must Have Travel Apps for the iOS

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Top 10 Must Have Travel Apps for the iOS

Top 10 Must Have Travel Apps for the iOS 

Travel apps might not be the only reason why an iPhone is called a tool, but they certainly help it earn that status. Almost every other app and every other function can be superfluous to the iPhone’s function as a phone and SMS device, despite the fact that many other apps can be extremely useful. Many iPhone functions can be better served on a PC, laptop, or tablet, but travel apps are designed to be used while traveling, which makes them optimal for use on an iPhone or iPad.  Travel apps offer information and specific details that people would not be otherwise able to access while traveling. Here are ten travel apps for iOS that you should not be without if you are planning or taking a journey.

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Goings On: The New Yorker

This app should be used by almost everyone who loves New York. The travel app gives you access to the New Yorker magazine so that you have something to read during the long and boring parts of your journey. You can also look up events by using their filtering system to find places to go in New York. You can also choose the date of the magazine issue you want to look at if all you want to do is read.


Agenda is a scheduling app that is similar to a lot of scheduling apps on the market. The feature that gives this app the edge is its push notifications function. To use the app you have to program your events into it, after which it will notify you depending upon how you set it up. For example, if you need to be reminded to check-in for your flight, or sign in for a conference, then you can set it to remind you in advance.

Qik Video

This app has now become a legitimate app and can be used for the Apple iPhone. It allows you to set up live video feeds and send them to a Qik website. A desktop user is then able to access your live video feed from the website and see what you are recording. You can also save videos on your Qik video link so that people can view archived videos. Qik is a good way of staying in touch with members of your family while you are traveling.


With this app you can find your latest podcast episode and listen to it on your phone or via your iTunes on your desktop computer. If you are traveling then you can look up your favorite podcasts, or you can use it to keep yourself busy if you are doing something boring like waiting, sitting in a car, or on a plane. Even if you are traveling with your laptop, this app will be handy for when you are in the passenger seat on a car trip. You may want to pack headphones.


This is an app that is similar to your native camera app, but it is more robust and better designed for traveling. It allows you to do things such as zoom in and make parts of your photos less blurry. It allows you to take shots and clear them up at far greater distances. It is also good for helping you to take pictures whilst you are moving. You can also apply certain filters that allow you to take shots in varied light conditions, from sunlight, to dusk, dawn and dimly lit indoor settings.


Assuming that your destination does not charge excessive amounts for roaming when it comes to the Internet, then you should try Skype? The cost of the internet you use will probably be far less than if you tried to make a phone call but you should check to make sure first. The only downside is the fact that your reception may not be optimal, but in many cases, it is going to cost you less money and will likely be good reception. The roaming cost for making a phone call from another country is enough to warrant the use of Skype in most occasions.


With this app you are able to make voice recorded notes. You can turn your Apple device into a mobile voice recorder if you like. You can save your notes on the Internet too. You can sync up your DropBox account with this app, which is something that other apps do not offer. Unlike other voice recorders, you are only limited by how much space you have on your DropVox account. This means that you can chronicle you journey in your own voice for as long as you have memory left on your account (which is going to be more memory than you have on your phone no doubt).


This app allows you to find all the information you need for planning your trip. You can find book hotels or check up to see if your flight will be delayed or cancelled. You can search for alternate flights and it sometimes allows you to pick the best seats on airplanes. It is set up as an all in one tool for planning your trip, but is also handy for if you have already started your trip and you have hit a snag. It is good at giving you relevant information, and good at allowing you to change your plans quickly.

Night Stand HD

Some people take alarm clocks with them when they go on holiday, and some people use the alarm function that comes with their phone. You can however use the Night Stand HD app to wake you up. It comes with a number of options that you can customize to suit yourself. For example, if you like to be woken up gently over a series of alarms then you can set the app to do just that. If you need a powerful and loud jolt, then this app can do that for you too. You can set it to slowly make noises that get louder, or you can start with a loud noise and have it repeat until you turn it off.


There are lots of note taking apps you can use, but the reason this one is better for traveling is because the app is web based. You write your notes and they are saved onto a website. This means that you do not have to have your phone with you in order see your notes. You can have access to them wherever you are on the planet. The only downside to this app is that if you are in a different country then roaming charges may apply for your Internet use. One benefit is that is it a very simple text device that will not drain you battery power very quickly.


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