Transfer Photos to My PC without a Cable

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Transfer Photos to My PC without a Cable

Transfer Photos to My PC without a Cable

When I take photos on a camera or phone, I usually want to transfer photos to my PC either with or without a cable.  Unfortunately, there isn’t always a cable around and if I’m visiting someone, they might not even have a matching plug!

So how do I transfer photos to my PC? Actually there are a couple of different ways you can start the transfer and get the photos to your PC without any hassle at all. Let’s take a look at your options.

Transfer from SD Card to PC

Transfer Photos To My PCThe first and easiest option I would use if I wanted to transfer photos to my PC without a cable is to use the SD card. Most laptops feature an SD card slot that you can simply pop out, push your SD card in and import files from Windows, Dropbox or any other photo reading software you have. Unfortunately this only works if you are operating on a Windows Laptop. Most Macbooks don’t have SD Card slots and neither do most desktop computers.

An SD Card reader for USB port usually costs $-$20 depending on the features. This version reads 19 different cards so it’s a great option if you want to transfer images and data from your phone SD as well as your camera.

How to Transfer Wirelessly From Your Camera or Phone

There are a couple of different options here, but I’ve found that I can use them all to transfer photos to my PC. First, if you have a Bluetooth or WiFi enabled camera or phone, it’s very easy to just use that to transfer photos to your computer.

1.WiFi Enabled SD Card

Transfer Photos To My PCOne of the easiest ways I’ve found to transfer photos to my computer is to use a WiFi enabled SD card.  Great options are usually priced at $30-40 for a 4GB WiFi Enabled SD card, which is enough to hold more than 600 pictures on your average camera.  This is the best way to wirelessly transfer photos to a PC without a wireless enabled camera.

How does it work? Once I’ve installed a WiFi enabled SD card on my camera, I can simply choose ‘Selective Sharing’ and transfer photos to computer, storage site or even my social networks. Sharing photos from my camera to Facebook is as easy as it is on a phone!  The disadvantage of using a wireless enabled memory card is that you have to set it up from your computer on each network you plan to use it from. It’s easy and convenient from home but not very much so otherwise. For example, if you’re trying to use a hotspot, you’ll have to load your computer and configure the card to the computer, a bit of a buzzkill for the wireless transfer since you could just transfer from the SD Card to the computer anyway.

2.Wireless Transfer Apps For Phones

If I wanted to wirelessly transfer photos to my PC from a smart phone, I could easily download a few apps that make it possible. While some phones come with the technology built in, it can take forever and might end up encrypting the files. IOS phones can use Wireless Transfer App which costs $1.99. Before you get upset about the fact that it isn’t free, it transfers photos to and from iOS devices very easily. You can wirelessly transfer photos to your iPad or iPhone and vice versa! For Android, try File Transfer, which actually works for any file.

Using Third Party & Cloud Storage

‘The Cloud’ is all the rage right now and you might as well use it to transfer, store and save your photos. Depending on the phone you have, you can use built in Cloud features such as iCloud, Google Drive/Cloud Storage or etc. You can also get apps for cloud storage options including Google’s Picassa which comes with a free image editor, Dropbox and more. While these apps won’t allow me to sync photos to my PC, they do allow me to upload photos to the internet and then download or access from my PC at any time. Essentially it’s the next best thing.

If you use these apps, you will need either a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately apps don’t normally work on cameras, although it is possible to access DropBox and etc. if you have a wireless enabled camera or memory card.

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