Top Ten Reasons I Regret Buying Diablo III For PC

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Top Ten Reasons I Regret Buying Diablo III For PC

Top Ten Reasons I Regret Buying Diablo III For PC

Diablo III was released to millions of expectant fans all waiting for a new centerpiece game for their collection. Many of us are hardcore players of Diablo I and Diablo II, and we fully expected, nay demanded, that the third release in this saga be equally as good, or better, than it’s predecessors. Unfortunately for the geeks and gamers who keep Blizzard’s CEO’s sleeping on beds made of 100 dollar bills, that was not to be the case. The millions who rushed to the store to spend $60 in the U.S., or even more in other countries where Euro and GPB amounts are still 60 were quickly disappointed by a game that offers an endless list of flaws. If you’re thinking about buying the game, here are ten reasons that I regret doing so, and why you should probably wait.

Diablo 2 vs 3

It’s not as Good as the First or the Second

The first and most important regret is that if you have played Diablo I or II, then you will be disappointed. Diablo II was probably one of the best games ever made and is a masterpiece of an RPG with a sweeping storyline, a plot that works, and an endless list of monsters and special weapons to find. Diablo III does not hold up to that legacy, and if you play it, you’ll see why.

Diablo 3 Lenght

You can reach the final boss within 20 hours the first time around!

Game is Too Short

A single difficulty mode on Diablo 3 takes roughly 5-20 hours to complete depending on your level and gaming style. In fact, many people have played it in under 4 hours. Compared to the roughly 60-70 hours from Diablo II (that’s offline only) plus the expansion set which was also about 40 hours, you’re being cheated out of about 50 hours of gameplay on this box set. Plus, the original Diablo II sold for $40, so for the $20 extra, you get a lot less gametime. Of course there are multiple difficultly levels on D3, so you will get a lot more game time, but the shortness of the game itself is really quite disappointing.

Diablo 3 crafting

Crafting Sucks

Crafting? What? Are we playing World of Warcraft here? Since when do you have to craft things in Diablo? While some might find that it’s a great extra because it ads a little more entertainment to the game, but the whole system is kind of lame.

Diablo 3 Customization

No Character Customization

What?!!?! I can’t customize my skill tree and stats? Huh? What kind of RPG Is this? There is some customization, but  not nearly as much as I would like.

Diablo 3 PVP

PVP is done here

PvP What?

If you were looking forward to going out on a hostile strike and attacking everything in your wake then think again. The PvP system has also changed to something completely different. Not only was Diablo III not originally released with player vs. player compatibility, it’s new system kind of sucks. You literally have to go the ‘brawling master’ and go to the Scorched Chapel to battle other players. Uhm… yeah… fun? Not!

Diablo 3 server down

The Glitches

If you bought the game right away then you were almost guaranteed to notice issues. Not only did the online game go down multiple times at first, but there were literal weapons and character glitches as well. Sure every game is bound to have it’s issues, but come on Blizzard, get it together.


No Good Gear in the Game

If you want really great gear then get ready for a disappointment. No dungeon crawling, farming or even just random playing will get you the gear you want. If you want great weapons and armor, you have to head to the Real Money Auction House which uses a mysterious currency known as U.S. Dollars.

Diablo 3 dialogue

The Writers were REALLY Bad

This is a plot? That was dialogue? Wait? Were you all high when you wrote this?

Diablo 3 Auction House

The Marketplace Sucks

If you like spending real money on stuff only to later find out that it’s no longer the best you can get then you’re sure to love the marketplace. Otherwise you, like me, will probably regret it.

Diablo 3 box

It’s Sitting on My Shelf Forgotten

Last but not least, I haven’t been playing Diablo III. In a battle of which game is the best, Diablo II takes the cake, and even competing releases like Runic Games Torchlight II offers a lot more gameplay than Diablo III. In fact, Torchlight II is just $20, and a lot more fun.

Don’t get me wrong, Diablo III has a lot of cool things about it. Multiplayer is a lot of fun, the console versions of the game area lot better, and the graphics are fabulous. Unfortunately, probably my favorite thing about the game (yes I’m a girl) is that my Demon Hunter got an awesome pair of stiletto boots, and that’s actually kind of sad. Diablo III can still be an enjoyable game to play, but there is no way that I would recommend that you pay 60 in any currency for it.

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