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Top Ten iPhone Apps that Will Save You Money

Top Ten iPhone Apps that Will Save You Money

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps out there with more being added each day. Many apps are games, e-readers, or even applications like calendars that make organizing your life easier. Some apps however go above and beyond the normal iPhone app and actually save you money. Most of us could use a little extra spare change and whether using a coupon app for iOS or one that points out the cheapest gas station, a money saving iOS app is nothing to ignore. While not every app is right for each person, this list includes the top ten iPhone apps that can save you money!

Top ten iPhone apps

Grocery IQ

Want a grocery list app for IOS that tells you what coupons are available for your products? Grocery IQ is owned by You can add shopping items by either scanning the bar code of items you are running out of, or by searching and selecting from their list of thousands of in-store items. The easiest way to get started is to simply scan the barcode on every item you purchase so that you can easily add it to your shopping list again. The app includes voice search for adding grocery items, automatic coupon suggestions, and the ability to sync and share a list with any other device with Grocery IQ.


Kayak is a full travel app for iPhone that can save you money on all of your travel needs. From last minute flights to hotel, car rental, flight booking, and flight tracking, you can do everything with the app. Kayak puts the lowest price option on the top so that you can easily choose the most money saving one, and then allows you to sign in and check in with your Facebook details to save time filling out forms.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is another coupon app for iOS on the list of top ten iPhone apps that will save you money. Sherpa helps you to find in store and store only coupons that you can scan directly from the phones screen. You can search by category, store name, and location, and share great deals with your friends if you find any. Some Coupon Sherpa deals are for Sherpa users only.

Gas Buddy

If you hate spending more than you have to at the pump then this app is great for you. Gas Buddy tells you where the cheapest gas station is in your area, and how you can get there. As you probably know, gas prices can vary by as much as 20% in a single area which is a lot if you have a big tank.

Hotel Tonight

If you like to book hotels last minute then you can use Hotel Tonight to get a better deal. The app doesn’t work before 12 in the morning but afterwards you can get up to 70% off on top of the line hotels in cities. The app is great for last minute vacationers and business travelers.


This app helps you to decide which brand, packaged deal, or option is best to save you money. The Supermarket iOS app is not free (it costs about $1). All you have to do is input the volume of the package vs. the volume of another package so that for example, if you are comparing 10 one liter bottles versus two five liter bottles, you can see which option is the better bargain. Importantly this app is limited and not really for anyone who is already good at math.

Text Free Unlimited

If you have friends who do not happen to own an iPhone, then this top ten iPhone app could be just the thing for you. The Text Free Unlimited app costs $5.99 but allows you to text to and from other phones without adding to your phone bill. Of course you do need internet so this app is most money saving when you’re at home and using your WiFi. The app also gives you a free phone number to use while sending the texts and you can use it on iPod and iPad.


For anyone who likes rewards, iOS apps with rewards are a great option. While it won’t necessarily save you money, this iPhone app will definitely help you get more for your money. Shopkick works using ‘kicks’ points that you can earn by simply walking into popular stores, by scanning barcodes on your shopping purchases, and get great discounts from the app. Rewards can be used towards gift cards, items, and more.


If you hate cutting out coupons then Snip Snap can definitely help you out. Each time you find a coupon that you like or want to use, you can simply scan it with the app and then allow the cashier to scan your phone in order to redeem it. You can also use the discover option in the app to find new coupons and add them to your list without scanning. Unfortunately grocery store coupons do not work with this app although the feature is being worked on.

Free App Tracker

If you like discount or free apps then App Tracker might be perfect for you. The app tracks the U.S. iOS app store and lists any discounted or free apps that come up. Many developers temporarily discount or put their apps up for free as a promotional offer, and with free app tracker, you can try them while they are free. Best of all, you won’t be charged later for an app and you can keep or delete it as you like.