Top Ten Free Educational iOS Apps For Kids

Top Ten Free Educational iOS Apps for Kids

Chances are your kids love playing with your tech, so why not give them your iPhone for thirty minutes so they can play iOS apps. While you should probably make sure your phone insurance is up to date, your kids can have fun, and learn something too with these fun, free educational iOS apps for kids.

If you’re looking for something to do for your kids, then free iOS apps are a great choice. You can find educational iOS apps that teach just about anything on the planet, and best of all, you can do it for free.

My Spelling Test

This is an iOS app that allows you to create your own spelling tests, and have your kids take them. Give your kids fun spelling tests with different words each week and even organize the tests in the order they should be taken. My Spelling Test is great if you want to increase the spelling skills of your child, and best of all, the iOS app can be used with all grade levels.


Quite possibly one of the best free educational iOS apps currently available in the world. iTunes has teamed up with various educational centers to produce an astounding range of free educational content on nearly every subject that you can download right through this app. While not all of it is child level education, it’s a great way to expand your horizons and learn for free.

Mad Math Lite

Mad Math Lite is great for brushing up on your kid’s math scores, but it’s also one of those iOS apps that is great for more than one child. If you’re kids are sharing your iPad or iPod, they can both play Mad Math Lite. The game allows players to use flash cards to do math such as subtraction, addition and multiplication, and even tallies up scores for a ‘report card’ that you can view later.

PSB Kids

PSB Kids is an iOS app that lets your kids watch any videos from the PSB Kids network at any time. While it isn’t quite as educational as some of the other apps on this list, you can certainly turn to it when you want a few moments of peace and quiet. The iOS app features great clips from TV series like the Cat in the Hat, Curious George and more.


A fun way to learn what they might not have taught you in school, Exoplanets, or to brush up on your kid’s knowledge of space. Exoplanets is another great iOS app that you can get for free. The app teaches you, or your kids, about extrasolar planets, including facts that literally were not available as little as 5 years ago!

How To Draw

While you might not be an artist, your kids can with this free iOS app. How to draw is as simple as it sounds with free lessons on how to draw faces and graffiti, both things that your kids will probably appreciate. However; How to Draw only teaches very basic technique on a limited range of possibilities. You might want to consider looking into other apps to further your childs learning after they complete How to Draw.

ABC Phonics Site Words

This is a great game with only one tragic flaw. It features some advertisement, and some of those advertisements are for finding women through online sites. While there is no nudity, it isn’t appropriate for children of all age levels. However the game itself is an excellent way to get your child to brush up on his or her word usage. You can purchase a paid version to get rid of the banner ads.


One of the most genius free iOS apps available in the world, Leafsnap is lots of fun for children and adults alike. First, the application helps you to learn about various flora and fauna, where the leaf comes from and more. However; it also allows you to snap a photo of a leaf, identify it and the GPS location for other iOS app users to see! This app was devised in part by the Smithsonian, so you may want to walk your kids through it the first time.

3D Brain

This great iOS app is not for very young children, however; it’s a perfect addition to medical learning. The app covers every part of the brain in a full 3D setting and includes information on names, what happens to the brain when it is damaged and even diseases and disorders of the brain. If you don’t want the app, you could probably get a book with the same information for about $8.99.

Read Me Stories

There is no better way to learn than to read, which is why Read Me Stories is a great educational iOS app for kids. The app features hundreds of talking picture books that your kids can read along with, and enjoy at any time. Unlock features allow you to unlock new books for your kids so that they can keep reading new books.

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