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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

Bluetooth speakers offer a formidable combination of portable sound and cord free convenience, and if you choose the right speakers, you can get just as loud as you would with regular speakers (not that you should). Unfortunately, Bluetooth speakers are a commodity, and models can run into the hundreds of dollars for nothing more than basic quality. Unfortunately, if you decide to go with cheaper Bluetooth speakers, the sound quality will suffer, and suffer a great deal. However, not everyone can afford a speaker for $300, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50.

While you are most likely to get better quality if you choose a more expensive model, the following Bluetooth speakers are still good enough to listen to, completely wire free, and relatively affordable.

Dknight Magic Box


The Dknight Magic Box comes in three colors including red, blue, and black. While originally priced at $99, you can usually find it for as low as $27 + shipping. The Magic Box includes a built in microphone for hands free calling, a 10-hour rechargeable LI-Ion Battery, and a MicroSD card slot for directly loading music onto the speaker. Two high-powered 40mml drivers offer up to 10 hours of music at 6 watts.

Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz


Like the Magic Box, the Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz is a Bluetooth speaker with a $99 MSRP, but is usually available for under $30. The Oontz features an up to 12-hour battery, a lightweight design for easy portability, a built in microphone, and two speakers. You can also choose to upgrade to the Oontz Angle Plus, or buy an aluminum carrying case for protecting your investment. However, while the sound quality is good, the Cambridge isn’t the best quality speaker and might be prone to breaking if you travel with it, drop it, or move it around every day.

E.C. Technology Bluetooth Speaker


The E.C. Technology 5W Enhanced features surprisingly great volume and bass for it’s size, typically sells for $30-$40, and works in your car. The rechargeable battery lasts from 8-12 hours depending on how loud you turn the volume up, and features an audio jack in case you have devices without Bluetooth. It’s also got Bluetooth 4.0, so you can use it with all of your newer gadgets, but not usually your older ones.

Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Anker should be a go-to for all of your wireless needs, and their Bluetooth speaker is no different. While a budget model with a $79.99 MSRP, it’s usually available for $50-$40 depending on where you shop. While the plain plastic exterior may be a little off putting if you want it as a party centerpiece, it packs a powerful up to 20 hour battery and features a 2-inch driver with a bass port. It’s not as loud as some of it’s competitors, but it does have an impressive bass range, and it works well for listening to music normally.

Omaker M4


The Omaker M4 has a lot of features but the one that’s probably the most interesting is that it’s splash proof, essentially allowing you to take it almost anywhere (except snorkeling)… Yes you can bring it with you in the shower. A 3-hour recharge time, up to 12-hour battery (At 80% volume), and a built in microphone add to the charm. With only a 3-watt speaker, it’s definitely not a party volume speaker, but it is good for everyday life, especially if you have neighbors. It’s also usually available under $40.