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What is Top Documentary Films? Is it Legit?  


What is Top Documentary Films? Is it Legit?

If you like watching documentaries, TDF or Top Documentary Films is likely one of the first search results you’ll see. With a name that guarantees good SEO, the site has hundreds of thousands of viewers. However, if you’re concerned about legality and safety while streaming documentaries online, you might be concerned. The site has a number of features in common with piracy streaming sites like no real brand name and a website that doesn’t necessarily look like a great deal of branding and marketing budget went into it.  

However, Top Documentary Films is completely legit. The site licenses or gains approval from all publishers before putting content online, and many of the titles on the site are actually submitted by publishers or are in creative commons or free-use licensing. This means that you can stream documentaries on Top Documentary Films completely legally.  

Is there anything else you should know? 

What is Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films was founded in 2007 and now offers over 3,000 free documentaries for free viewing. The site is primarily run by one person, meaning that costs are kept low, so ads are close to nonexistent and costs are low. This backfires if you’re trying to contact someone on the site, but chances are with no subscription, you won’t ever have to.  

TDF Interface

TDF allows you to search documentaries or sort them based on 25 different categories. With options like Mystery, Pyschology, Drugs, Sports, Society, and even 911, there’s a little something for everyone, or a lot for someone who likes to learn about everything.  

You can also choose to search films based on title and producer, view top rated and voted films, and even see the most shared titles.  

Top Documentary Films Quality

Top Documentary Films streams most of its films through YouTube, so you’ll basically get a YouTube-like experience. Most documentaries are uploaded in 720p, and you’ll get relatively good playback with minimal buffering – allowing you to forward, use full-screen, and pause without issues. Some but not all titles offer additional features like subtitles.  

Unlike many competitors, TDF does not have a problem with buffering, although you may experience some if your Internet is slow.  

Top Documentary Films Advertisements

Top Documentary Films has a surprisingly low number of ads. Some feature a short ad at the beginning, but most films are not interrupted by ads, which is not the norm for similar services and competitors. If you hate ads, this is definitely a pro to consider.  

With decent quality streaming, very few ads, good organization, and no need to log in to view documentaries, Top Documentary Films stands out as one of the better websites in its category. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something to play on your TV, you may be disappointed as there’s no mobile app, but you can likely still play on a tablet with a browser and screencast to your TV if you have a setup that allows it. Overall, TDF offers a great experience to a niche market of documentary lovers. While the blog layout may be initially off-putting, that simple layout is one of the reasons why the site is able to keep costs low and ads to a minimum.  

Our verdict? Try it out. It has a lot to offer and since it’s free, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep using it.