Top 4 Software Programs For Windows 10

Top 4 Software Programs For  Windows 10

Looking to setup your computer with Windows 10 and not sure what programs you need? You actually do not need to install a lot of programs on your PC as the Windows 10 operating system already comes preinstalled with most of what you’ll need, but there are of course some universal programs that every computer owner will need. The top five programs or apps to add to your Windows 10 PC include a cleaning program that will make cleaning up your Windows computer super easy, a good media player, a secure and fast browser, communication software, and last but not least, a good antivirus.

Of course you’ll have your own software that you’ll add depending on your individual needs, but these five programs are the most commonly recommended that every PC user should have installed. The programs we picked below were chosen specifically to work with Windows 10 and help you get your computer set up to run at its best, and even better, they’re free.

Media Player – VLC Media Player

vlc media player windows

If you are a big fan of movies or like to listen to music with good quality and very loud – you will need a good media player. VLC is an excellent choice for your media player software and can be used with any media files and Yep! Download can help to find the latest version of this popular media player. VLC was created to handle a vast array of different media files, such as MPEG, AVI, and MP3. VLC is very easy to use and has many useful options to customize any media content. You can even edit favorite movies with various video effects and sound equalizer helps you to feel the real sound. The software has a perfect compatibility with different platforms, including Android, Mac, iOS, Windows (64/32 bit) or Linux and it is free to download for any user. This software is an amazing tool for media files, easy to use and free.

Communication – Skype

Skype for windows

How can we keep a connection with our family and friends when we’re all so busy?  For this you need something to communicate with besides just texting and the occasional phone call. Visit with them face to face with Skype. Skype is one of the most popular software programs in the world and a great tool to help you connect with people over long distances. Skype’s main reason of success – is a technology of p2p that can provide fast communication, sharing of media files and can deliver instant messages from different parts of the world. The best thing about Skype is that you can make video and voice calls supported with high quality. Skype has many interesting options, and one of them you may not have known about is to share screen with another user, which is very helpful for business world or personal needs. The interface is easy to use for any user, and supported on multiple platforms including Windows 10.  

Internet Browser – Google Chrome

Choose an internet browser

Of course, to download the software we’re talking about or just to surf on the internet, you will need a secure and fast web browser. Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers to use with Windows 10. Chrome has a very easy and pleasant to use interface that includes many different colorful themes as well as a lot of extensions, all of which really allows you to personalize the browser and make it your own. As for security, Google Chrome is at the top of the list and will help protect you while surfing the internet. One tip is that if a website has a green padlock in the navigation bar it is because it has met Chrome’s security standards and is safe to browse and shop on. There’s also parental controls should you need them and in the settings you will find even more ways to help protect your data and passwords while online. 

Antivirus – AVAST Free Antivirus

avast antivirus

The software that you always need with an Windows computer is an antivirus. To create a secure workspace we recommend Avast Free Antivirus. It is a very good antivirus software program that is easy to use and will protect your system from  dangerous files or dangerous links. You can customize Avast and set it up with the best options for your work or home use. Avast can be installed on any Windows version.

These are the top 5 must have software programs you should have on your computer, but there are of course a few others you should consider depending on your own needs. If you’re needing more storage consider Dropbox for free cloud storage. For password management LastPass or Enpass and for your office needs, Office 365 will have you covered.

Did we miss anything that you would add as a must have for your new computer? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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