Top 3 Smart Home Security Systems Under $200


Top 3 Smart Home Security Systems Under $200

If you’re planning to upgrade your home with smart electronics, smart home security is a good place to start. Unfortunately, most systems start out in the hundreds of dollars, and equipping your home with smart alerts in case of a break-in can break the bank. Luckily, there are plenty of places you can start out if you want to integrate smart security without going all-out.

These top 3 smart home security systems cost less than $200, and might qualify you for a rebate on your insurance premium.

iSmart Alarm iSA3 Preferred Package Smart Home Monitoring Kit

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While the iSmart and the Samsung SmartThings mostly come down to a matter of preference in a comparison test (both are great), the iSmart costs $50 less than the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit, which is why it won out for our test. The iSmart costs $160-$199, and includes 1 central hub, 2 window/door sensors, 1 motion sensor, remote tags, and 2 sensor stickers. Unfortunately, it does not include a camera, which is its greatest disadvantage.

The system features a central hub, the Cube One, which allows you to create a module system (you can add on to it by buying more sensors or monitors), so that you can protect your entire home. There is a camera available separately, but after review, we found that it is too buggy to warrant the $84.99-$99 price tag. The iSmart connects to your iOS device, allowing you to get alerts when the doors and windows are opened, when the motion sensor is triggered, or when the sensors move. Because you can add on to the system, it’s perfect for setting up on a budget, because you can buy new parts as you can afford them. We also love that it works on WiFi, so you won’t pay anything for texts and alerts to all of the phones you set up on the account.

If you do have Android, you can frequently get the Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Monitoring Kit for $200 or less.

Piper NV

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If you’re looking for an all-in-one home security system for a small home or apartment, the Piper NV is one of the best options on the market. While the Canary comes a close second, Piper offers more reliability and fewer false alarms, which makes it a great option for people who stay home more.

The Piper NV Classic All-In-One costs just $140-$199 and features Z-wave (no Zigbee), which you can use to control lights, thermostats, and other Z-wave gadgets. More importantly, the Piper NV packs a lot of security features including an HD camera, a motion sensor, two-way audio, and a 180-degree field of view, which allows you to see more of your home.

The app is what really sets the Piper NV apart, because you can easily view what’s going on in your home through the live video stream, set your Piper NV into different security modes (such as home, away, off, and vacation). You can also use the Z-wave to connect to Samsung SmartThings, and other compatible lights and apps, so you could, for example, turn on all the lights if the motion sensor is triggered. The Piper NV also features a 100 db alarm, and will send you alerts if the motion sensor is triggered.

Nest Cam

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The Next home security and smart home technology is some of the best on the market, and that holds true with their security solution. The Nest Cam features 24/7 live video streaming with 130-degree view to your tablet or phone, cloud storage (at a premium), night vision, motion alerts, sound alerts, and two-way audio. You can also zoom in from your phone to get a better view of whatever triggered the motion or sound alarm.

With Nest Aware, you can store information in the cloud to access for up to 30 days, get smart alerts, and set up activity zones, to improve your monitoring. Plus, with 1080P HD video, you’ll have a good idea of what’s going on, no matter what.

At $198, it is a little pricier than your average security camera, and it only protects one door. However, you can start out with one, and upgrade later to protect all your entryways.

Did you know that these smart home security systems can save you money? Find out how in Part 2 below.

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