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Toggl Review – The Time Tracking Software


Toggl Review – The Time Tracking Software

If you’ve ever needed to track your time, you probably know that there are numerous programs that do it for you. While you could set up a script to run and log your hours to a spreadsheet, there are plenty of free and easy to use programs that not only track your time, but also allow you to manage idle time, keep track of projects and clients, and change or delete hours after the fact. Toggl is one of those programs, and it’s free for basic user, with premium plans that add functionality and team management options.

Toggl Subscription Options

Toggl has multiple subscription options which you can use to meet your needs.

Free – Toggl’s free version allows you to handle simple time tracking with support for color coded clients and projects. You can create clients and assign projects inside of each, making it easy to quickly set up new projects or to get to work using the drop down menu. The free version is ideal for freelancers, employees who want to track their own time, or students who want to know how much time they are spending on a project.

Pro- This version combines the simple time tracking of the free version with a “money button” so that you can track which tasks are billable and which are not. It also includes transparent reporting which you can show to clients when billing, and data reporting which you can use to estimate how much time projects will take based on project history. This option is great for freelancers and contractors. It costs $10 per month.

Pro Plus – Pro Plus costs $20 per user per month and includes the Pro features plus one business feature of your choice. This can offer more value to individuals or team leaders who need one business feature but who don’t need the whole package.

Business – With built in team management, advanced reporting, and billable hours for team members, the business version of Toggl makes it easy to track and manage team output and efficiency. This in turn allows you to track hours, create team time reports for clients, or ensure that employees are performing to a required rate without micromanagement. It costs $59 per user per month.

Review of Toggl

Toggle has a lot to offer no matter which option you choose, and it stands out for a number of reasons. However, it isn’t perfect.

Toggl, toggl review, time tracker

Interface – The interface does take some time to get used to and you might not find or realize all of the features at once. However, it is very simple and you will likely be able to get started without a tutorial. If you want to use all of the tools, you should take some time to explore and get to know everything. The time tracking interface is simple and easy to use, tracks time well, and even asks you if you want to keep idle time if you haven’t used the mouse or keyboard in a few minutes. However, if you forget to stop the timer before you put your computer in sleep mode, Toggl won’t warn you, it will simply keep running, and you won’t get an email for more than 8 hours. However, you can update the time at a later date.

Toggl, toggl review, time tracker

Projects – The ability to color code and use categories for projects is a great plus, and it makes it easier to assign projects based on type, the person or team completing them, or even urgency. The the money sign button makes it very simple to track which projects earn you money and which don’t.

Toggl, toggl review, time trackerReports – Toggl allows you to generate PDF reports of your hours or turn them into emails which you can send directly to clients or to project heads. This is one of Toggl’s best features, because you can use it directly with a billing application.  However, reports are not in-depth and you wont’ be able to send screenshots or any proof that you were working on that project during those hours.

Toggl is a powerful but extremely simple tool that offers a lot to anyone who has to track time. While primarily designed for freelancers and contractors, Toggl is also suitable for use by students and teams, or employees who want to keep up with how much time they are spending on each project. Overall, it’s a great solution providing you don’t need the in-depth reports.