Tips and Tricks for the Amazon Silk Browser 


Tips and Tricks for the Amazon Silk Browser

Amazon’s Silk browser is a high-power, high-speed browser designed and available exclusively on Amazon’s Android-based tablets and e-readers, Kindle and Fire (or Kindle Fire if you have an older model). It’s also available as the default and only option available, and you won’t be able to casually download Google Chrome from the app store to replace it. While you can take steps to install another browser on your tablet, Silk is a great browser in its own right, and you can do a lot with it.  

Here are some tips and tricks for the Amazon Silk browser to help you do more with it.  

Change Your Search Engine:

Amazon allows you to update and change your search engine just like every other major browser. Start by customizing the Omni Bar at the top of the page. This is set to Bing by default, but you can add Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine of your choice.  

  • Tap the left sidebar  
  • Tap Settings 
  • Scroll to Search Engine  
  • Select your desired search engine.  

You can easily change this at any time.  

Save Pages

While many other browsers require you to use a third-party app to save pages and articles without bookmarking them, Silk has had this Facebook-like feature for years. Just hit the menu button, click “save page” and your device will automatically save it so that you can find it later and read it offline. Just unsave the page once you’ve read with it.  

Why is this great? You can easily save files to read during commutes or when you’re no-longer connected to Internet.  

View or Close All Windows

Silk uses window-like tabs which allow you to view all of them at once. Just tap X button and minimize everything to see it all at once. Long-press the screen to see a menu to close all browser tabs at once.  

Remove Links from Launch Page

If you have an open page, Amazon will launch that page when you start Amazon up. However, if you don’t, Amazon will load a page of links with your previously visited pages. You can easily remove these by clearing your history.  

Go to settings and tap “Clear Browser Data” to do so.  

Remove Cross-Browser Ads

Go to Settings and tap “Do Not Track” under Privacy to prevent ads from tracking you and displaying ads across websites.  

Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Amazon pre-loads web pages to speed up your browser. This can be inconvenient if you’re using mobile data because is will use your data and you might not actually visit those pages.  

  • Tap Settings from the left sidebar  
  • Scroll down and slide the “Accelerate Page Loading” button to Off 
  • Turn off “Enable Plugins” (this will default disable all plugins you’ve installed)  

You can also choose to go to Advanced Settings to cut data usage even further, by turning Load Images off. However, this will be inconvenient on a lot of websites.  

Changing the Screen View

The Fire tablet allows you to use your Silk browser like a traditional browser and load pages like on a desktop or to request a mobile version of the site. TO get there, go to the menu and go to settings. Switch to “mobile view” (located at the bottom of the menu).  

Amazon offers one of the strongest browser solutions for Android, and you can achieve a lot with it. If you’re still not happy after trying out some of what it can do, you can choose to switch to another browser. Click through to page 3 to learn how to install Google Chrome (or another browser app) onto your Amazon tablet.


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