Tip Guide for Call of Duty: Ghosts


Tip Guide for Call of Duty: Ghosts

It seems that a lot of players are having difficulty with strategy and gameplay on Call of Duty: Ghosts. For that reason, I have compiled a tip guide based upon my own observations and strategy methods. This also comes from viewing how others that top leaderboards play as well as the best methods to earn a win for the team. The tips below will help you through a few game modes and with general gameplay as you move forward in building up your character and weapons.


In Blitz, the goal is to score points on the enemy target. The first team up to 8 wins the first round, and then you continue on up to 16 points for the win. The best way to go about winning on this map is to work with a full team and communicate. Two people should be the designated scorers, which means their objective is to be stealthy to reach that goal point without running into an enemy. You will then have two people that will be the gunners somewhere near the middle point. Finally, one person watching left and left middle and one watching right and right middle at your own target is best. This prevents the other team from scoring if this strategy is played out right. It doesn’t hurt to have at least one sniper among the six of you either.

cod ghosts blitz


Cranked is a little different. You are playing to win as a team but are also playing for yourself to stay alive. When you get a kill, you have 30 seconds to get another or you blow up. Each kill helps you to run faster and get around the map to find that next kill. It is ideal to stay in the center of the map when you are “Cranked” to find targets easier. Call out when you have 10 seconds left before combustion and the team is likely to call out an open target to keep you going. When playing with your clan or group of friends, take turns being cranked with no more than 2 players cranked at once. This helps more open targets become available to prevent combustion.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue is the same as Search and Destroy. Each team has an objective to find a bomb and plant it in enemy territory. The idea is to run in two teams when there are six total players. One team is the runners and gunners; the other team is the bomb carrier and two protectors. The runners and gunners will point out any snipers or tricky spots so that the bomb carrying team stays intact. Once the bomb is planted, move away a bit and stage in a circle around the target area. This will put eyes on all possible entryways to prevent the other team from disarming the bomb.



Extinction, simply put, is just rough. It is not something you can do easily alone or even with two others. This game mode requires a great deal of skill. Similar to Zombies, there are goals to meet and levels of difficulty. The higher up in rounds you get, the more creatures you have to kill. In rounds 1 and 2, knife the creatures, which some say look similar to warthogs and others compare them to gremlins, to save your ammo. You’re going to need as much ammo as possible in the later rounds. Do your best to use as little ammo as possible and be as accurate as possible to get headshots. This will take the creatures down faster. It is best to play this mode with at least 4 people.

Character Customization

You are able to customize your character to whatever specifications you prefer. My personal favorite is to use a neutral colored uniform so that it blends with most of the graphics to make you easier to see. In grassy or snowy levels, it is more beneficial to have a white/gray or green/brown uniform. This is where unlocking at least 3 characters is important. Rename them for general play, snow levels and open terrain. Do your best to pick the lightest loadout for the character as well, bulkier loadouts make the soldier run slower.

Unlocking Guns and Tacticals

With every round you play, you earn unlock tokens. These are used to open new characters, unlock new attachments and weapons as well as new tacticals. It is important to stockpile a bit. In the beginning you want to pick a gun that you can work with awhile and build up to be what you need/want it to be. Don’t go crazy unlocking everything at once. Take your time and get to know your weapon and how the different attachments enhance or decrease the accuracy and general handling.


sniper cod ghosts

Do your best to not snipe on smaller maps, it is a disadvantage to you. Quick scoping is fun, but it is not enhancing your skills any. Keep the sniping to larger maps with open terrain. Work more with your secondary weapon in smaller maps and get the feel for an assault rifle, shotgun or light machine gun a bit. This makes you a more versatile player with nearly perfect all around skills.

Final Tips:

There will be more tips to come as gameplay really ramps up and more gamers learn the maps and develop their own strategies. One closing tip, have fun and don’t worry so much about your KDR (kill/death ratio). It’s a game and is meant to be fun and engaging. Learn all of the modes and familiarize yourself with a variety of weapons. For hardcore matches, it is ideal to use a shotgun. One hit, one kill. For me personally, I am a run and gun type of player. I generally run with one other person in a team. This improves my overall gameplay and builds communication skills with other players.

It is important to learn that sometimes you need to take it slow and learn every turn and crevice in a map before going all out. Don’t be afraid to have a few games where your KDR is negative, it’s all part of the learning process. Please feel free to leave a comment or question. I play regularly and would be happy to address any problems you’re having in the game or answer any questions you might have. Happy gaming everyone!

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