TickTalk 2 Review Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Children


TickTalk 2 Review Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Children

Thanks to the super growth in technology over the past decade there’s a lot more that we can do now to better ensure the safety of our children. One big area tech has grown in helping us protect our children is through GPS tracking. GPS location trackers come in many forms, but one of the best we’ve found is via a smartwatch. Especially one that allows for multiple purposes other than just location finding, such as talking to your child through the watch as a cell phone. These are not yet as common as one would think, but we did find one and it’s called, the TickTalk 2.

We received our TickTalk version 2.0 about a week ago and over the past week we’ve tested all of its functions, including what it’s purchased for most, the GPS tracking functionality. In our TickTalk 2 review we will go over the most used features and let you know how each option or feature works and we’ll conclude with whether or not this watch is worth getting for your child or if you should continue looking another smart watch or GPS tracker.

What Is The TickTalk 2 Watch?

image of watch on ticktalk

TickTalk 2 is not just a watch for telling time, this watch is actually a smart watch, cell phone and GPS tracker all rolled into one handsome watch. Other features include a digital touchscreen, calendar, calculator, alarms, step counter, GPS locator, voice calls (watch is actually functionable as a phone), text messaging (via app), SOS calling and more. While reading reviews we found that the top reason customers purchased this smart watch was for the ability to locate their child. Secondarily they liked this watch because of its communication features, especially the SOS emergency feature which is activated by the child after holding down a button for just 3 seconds and it then calls an emergency contact.

This cell phone / smartwatch / GPS tracker is for children ages 4-12. The watch comes with a band and there is technology built into the band therefore the band is not interchangeable. The watch does come in a few different colors for your child to choose from: black, red, blue and yellow.

Setting Up the TickTalk Watch

tick talk watch display

The watch was easy to set up and took us about half and hour. It has a nice digital touch display that was easy to navigate through. Most setup is through the app and that too was super simple. You will see the features below that you can set up in the app which include things to do, alarms and more. The app is available for iOS or Android users.

sim card activation

Why does it need a SIM card? Since the watch does have cell phone capability and GPS tracking it needs a SIM card. This watch comes with the GSM Micro SIM card you will need and it works through T-Mobile. The data plans star at $5 per month and it is the one we picked. You do not need to be a T-Mobile customer. We set it up easily without being a customer of T-Mobile.

To set up just follow the directions which include going to a website to register the sim card. To make it easier I took a snapshot of the sim card so that I had the IMEI number it would ask for in the registration and I could have it already installed in the back of the watch and not have to leave it open to find it. After you insert the sim card and register it online it will take up to 72 hours to activate it says on the sim card directions, however for us it took less than 20 min to activate. Directions are included and the site also has some YouTube tutorials if you need help. The $5 a month plan seems to be sufficient enough data for most users, but there are other plans as well if you find you need more data.

The only issue we had during set up was trying to get the little micro sim card into the back of the watch properly but there are directions on the TickTalk website to show you which way it should be facing in case you also get confused.

TickTalk Features: How Well Did They Work?

ticktalk features

Voice Calling: You can call your child and your child can call you. You can have up to 13 contacts (3 of them are the SOS numbers). You can also limit your child from calling or receiving calls from only the contacts listed by turning on the firewall setting. Talking to the child through the watch was very clear and our call always went through.

firewall setting on ticktalk

DND: This phone watch has a do not disturb feature. Your child can still contact you in SOS emergency but no calls will come in so he or she won’t be disturbed. Good to use while child is in school and / or overnight.

GPS Tracking: When using the Tracking Mode in the app (GPS, Wifi, LBS) locating the child wearing the watch was completely accurate for us. There is a power saving function that through only Wifi and LBS that wasn’t as accurate, but it still located our child tester most of the time or at least within a block if not a direct address given as we would be given through GPS. We did verify our area prior to getting the watch to ensure we’d have good coverage. Before buying the watch you can check that coverage on this coverage site here. We do not recommend that you purchase this watch if you do not find coverage in your area.

locating mode ticktalk

On GPS it found the child’s exact location and provided the address as well as multiple Google map images to view.

ticktalk google map





ticktalk screenshot gps location app





Text: You can text your child, however it has to be through the app and only 64 characters. Also your child cannot text back. This is helpful though for times when you may need to message your child that you’re running late or that you are on the way or just want to tell them you’re thinking of them.

Voicemail: The watch has voicemail feature in which you can leave short messages for one another. You can check messages through the app.

Tasks / Things to Do: Through the app you can set up 5 tasks for your child to do. There are dozens of tasks to choose from but you’re only able to add 5. Most reviews mention that they’d like to add more and the company has been good at listening to customer feedback so hopefully this is something they’ll fix soon. You can add chores, sports, activities and more. The watch will alert them when it’s time for that task to be completed.

ticktalk things to do

Alarms: Set an alarm for bed or when it’s time to wake up etc. Works well.

SOS: The SOS feature allows the child to hold the button for 3 Seconds and it will then send a call out to up an emergency contact you setup. We tested it and it works well. Child simply presses and holds button for call to be made.

Misc. Features: Other features include a steps counter, calculator, calendar (you can add dates and appointments through the app) and more. There are no games, which is a good thing for your battery.

Listen In / Monitor: One feature many parents love is the ability to listen in while your child has the watch on. You use the app to enable the feature and it calls you back allowing you to hear what’s going on. The child will not be alerted when you’re listening nor will the watch give any indication, alert or sound. This worked well for us and was very clear.

Removal Alerts: You will be alerted when the watch is removed. Some parents have complained that they’re alerted often, too often. We didn’t have this issue but only tested it on a child’s wrist for two days wearing it. We did read that if you have this issue you can check to be sure watch isn’t too loose and sending false alarms. If this doesn’t fix it you can shut that feature off. We read in reviews that this false alarm issue is being worked on by the manufacturer.

Review of Other Watch Functions

ticktalk charger

Charging unit for TickTalk 2 watch

Battery Life and Charging: The watch charges through a base it snaps into. We found the battery to last 1-2 days on standby with little to no use. With some use, meaning a brief call, alarm and task alerts and locating the child the watch lasted us around 12 hours. Best to charge nightly in any case

App: The App had some negative reviews but it apparently had an update because for us it we found that it was well designed, easy to use, and never crashed. It worked flawlessly.

ticktalk app settings

Waterproof: Although the website says that the watch is somewhat water resistant we did read reviews from customers that had broken watches that got wet in rain, left outside and got wet or got wet playing in water.Site states its okay to wash hands while it’s on just don’t splash. Since it is not waterproof we highly recommend that your child is cautious around water.

Issues: We found with most issues we read in reviews and any we had as well were almost always user error. The issue we had once was that a setting we changed in the app didn’t seem to take with the watch. We read on the website that this issue is because the watch needs to also be on and near the phone when you make any changes so you can make sure the change took place. They have a lot good troubleshooting tips on the site so if you get hung up on anything consult the site first and then if you still find there’s a issue we found in reviews that customer service was quick to assist.

Customer Service: Almost all reviews we found on Amazon or Facebook showed quick customer service responses through message or calling in. Calling in seemed better and faster so if you have an issue we suggest using that method. We also saw that the company really listens to the customer and many suggested changes for version 1 were indeed made for version 2.

Warranty and Returns: Warranty is 1 year on parts /defect. Reviews show they are good at honoring this when it’s indeed their fault such as a faulty watch band breaking or the watch no longer taking a charge after a few months. The website states that there is also a 30 day return as long as it’s in new condition and has all that it came with it. If you tried setting it up and used the SIM card you keep the SIM and they deduct $5 from the return amount. The site has more info.

Appearance, Cost & Reviews

The watch comes in a few different colors, we have a black watch and found that it’s nice that it blends in and doesn’t attract attention. The colorful red (or pink), blue and yellow watches are really cute though and may get your child to want to wear it more. As for size, the watch is almost the same size as the 38mm Apple Watch. It isn’t too large in our opinion and any smaller would be hard to navigate through the touch screen.

The price on Amazon is $129 and there are sometimes sales which drop it to $99. On the website you can sign up with them to get $10 off. Version 1 is $99 but we highly recommend version 2 for the little extra it costs.

sim card plan

You also will need a monthly plan to use voice and GPS with this watch. This cost $5 a month a up. The $9 a month is also popular. Most customers said that the $5 a month plan was perfect though and had enough data for them. Something we found in reviews was to not try using your cellplan and add this watch as a “wearable”. It won’t work and even if it did it would cost much more money. You can inquire on adding an extra phone line to your plan but again the T-mobile Sim that comes free with the watch phone has been the best value that we found.

Watch comes with screen protector, T-Mobile SIM Card, charging unit and watch with band.


tick talk calendar

TickTalk Calendar on Watch

This watch we tested is the TickTalk 2, which is the second version. The first version was released over a year ago and didn’t get great reviews, but they also weren’t horrible. They can confuse you when reading them on Amazon as the reviews for both versions are mixed together. On Amazon TickTalk 1 averaged about 3.5 Stars out of 5, which again isn’t terrible for a tech gadget but it certainly could do or be better. And indeed they seemed to listen to their reviewers and did make it better as reviews on version 2 are often in the 5 star range. Complaints with version 1 were mostly about GPS not locating properly, other complaints were mostly technical misunderstandings that were fixed with better explanation and tutorials from customer service.

Shouldn’t I Just Get an Apple Watch?

We did read a few reviews where some asked if they shouldn’t just get an Apple watch since you can sometimes find them on sale for $150 and this watch at full price is $129. The problem with this is that the Apple Watch you’ll get at that price is the older series that requires a cell phone with it, meaning it would cost the price of the watch plus the cost of a cell phone. Going with Apple Watch 3 you can indeed use it without a phone but these watches cost over $350 and so again it is a lot more than this watch.

Our Final Thoughts: Is it Worth it?

ticktalk gps tracking

Is this watch worth it or is there something better? We saw that question a lot and the conclusion after many tried some others was that it was definitely worth it. However, we did our own research as well to be sure. We searched the internet for similar watches and found a few, and these only compared to TickTalk 1. The only main ways they compared was the GPS and phone call ability.

Others were mostly just for fun or had to have a cell phone to connect with through bluetooth. The ones we found that did compare got reviews similar to version 1 of TickTalk, which again was 3.5 out of 5. Prices were about $50-$60 less than this watch on average but they also had a lot less features. GPS functionality, like version 1 of TickTalk, was hit and miss.

Version 2, which is what we tested, has in our opinion and reviewers surpassed all other watches that even remotely come close to matching the TickTalk’s features and price. We found that it is indeed worth the money and there was not any real competitor to choose from at this time.

The child we tested with is 9 years old and he absolutely loved this watch. This watch would be perfect for special needs children as well as it is very easy to operatel. We like how it can be a quiet protector, going unnoticed by others but still being a giant relief to both child and parent by providing location and contact when needed.

Our final thought: After thoroughly testing out this smart watch we give it 4.5 Stars out of 5. Where we took off half a stars is that we felt it can do better by allowing more tasks to be added (things to do) and to be able to do more through the app, such as being able to adjust the volume through the app and not the watch only.

Overall, we highly recommend the TickTalk 2. It indeed works and is a great watch for any child. Having the ability to contact and locate our child with just the simple push of a button or click in an app is amazing, and that’s why we love the TickTalk 2.

You can find the TickTalk 2 watch on Amazon or their website, MyTickTalk.com.