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Thesis Panda – What Is It? Is it Legit? 


Thesis Panda – What Is It? Is it Legit?

Dissertation services like Thesis Panda and Dissertation Panda abound across the web, offering students and academics the opportunity to pay someone else to write their thesis, dissertations, and essays – for fees that range from a low $50 to upwards of $1,000. Thesis Panda is just one of these, and for those looking for a similar service, also one of the largest.  

But, if you are looking into a thesis writing service, you probably have questions. Is it legit? Are there possible repercussions to using it? And can you actually get a well-written thesis in exchange for a few hundred dollars? 

While the answers to each of these changes depending on the site, we decided to review Thesis Panda to see what they offer, and how students feel about them.  

What is Thesis Panda

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Thesis Panda is a dissertation writing service. This means that they offer academic writing services, covering a variety of content starting at essays and going all the way to full dissertations. Students can pay for a very wide range of services, including articles, essays, reviews, and even admission application to universities, with fees adjusted based on the length, complexity, writing style, and speed required for the content.  

For example, you can request a 5 page essay in 24 hours, at college level, for $164.  

What Do You Get for It?

Thesis Panda is part of a large “Panda” network, including Dissertation Panda, Essay Panda, Transcription Panda, etc. They also have a consistently good reputation across the web, with very good guarantees in place to ensure that you get what you pay for. Because they allow you to pay for the level of writing you want, hire writers from specific countries to ensure that your content is written by a native from that country, and provide turnaround in a timeline you are happy with – it’s also fairly trustworthy.  

For example, if you get a paper and you aren’t happy with it, you can request edits which have to be turned around. While you have to pay upfront, that payment is held in escrow, and if your paper is not what you expected or does not meet the quality you require, you get free unlimited revisions. However, you cannot get a refund.  

Should I Use a Service Like Thesis Panda?

That’s completely up to you. While there are moral and ethical dilemmas in place, it is your decision. You should note that many academic institutions also frown on the use of using services like Thesis Panda, largely because they expect you to do the research and writing yourself. However, there are no legal requirements in most countries that prevent you from using the service.  

Thesis Panda is an online service with a very large user base, reasonable prices (papers start from just $12), and reasonable quality for the money. While they, like other similar services, are not academically ‘legit’, you will get a paper in exchange for your money, and you will get it in the time frame you specify.