These Guided Bullets Hit Moving Targets With Ease – Meet the DARPA EXACTO Program


These Guided Bullets Hit Moving Targets With Ease – Meet the DARPA EXACTO Program

While most of us don’t approve of violence or the vast amount of the national budget allocated to military spending, sometimes the things that come out of military funded programs like DARPA are worth a mention. Importantly, DARPA is one of the most forward thinking agency in the U.S., and has been the birthplace of some of the most advanced technology in the world. And with an annual $2.8 billion budget, they should be doing something impressive. Today, that impressive thing is the EXACTO program guided bullets, which are capable of turning to hit moving targets. The program, which is the EXACTO Program, uses the same technology used with guided missiles on a much smaller scale.

Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance

The Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance is a program set to explore the potential of creating small caliber guided bullets. While the technology has been available for large caliber missiles and very large caliber guns (such as bazooka’s) for some time, it has been thought to be impossible with a small caliber. Now, DARPA’s EXACTO program has proven that school of thought wrong, with several live fire tests of their own guided .50 caliber bullet. While not exactly hunting rifle size, the bullet was demonstrated as accurate in multiple test fires, by both expert and first time users, turning a corner to hit a moving target, long after a traditional bullet would have completely missed.

What Does It Mean for Guns

A self-guided bullet that does not miss could quite literally save the lives of soldiers on the side using them. While guided bullets would essentially ensure a hit on a target, moving or not, it would also ensure that soldiers can fire from further away, get in and out more quickly, and ensure that every shot counts as much as possible. Importantly, shots don’t necessarily have to be kill shots, and bullets wouldn’t have to be killing bullets either. If this type of technology were added to stunning bullets, allowing soldiers to ensure a hit to immobilize rather than kill the target. At this time the technology is focusing on traditional, metal bullets. It also has the potential for public application in the form of more accurate hunting rifles, but considering that it could be abused easily, the likelihood of a public release is not high.

For those wondering, a storm trooper still can’t hit anything, even with guided bullets.

Why It’s a Problem

Just like with nuclear missiles, it’s only a matter of time before one side develops what the other has. For that reason, guided bullets could eventually greatly increase the death tolls in war, because when bullets are capable of hitting moving targets, more people die. DARPA’s claims that the project is intended to enhance the safety of American troops only goes so far, especially when others develop similar technology.

While we would have liked to see some of the money going into the funding of self-guided bullets heading somewhere more useful (Like solving world hunger), the technology is noteworthy in bridging a gap previously thought impossible.

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