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The Vinaya Altruis – Statement Bluetooth Jewelry Designed to Get You Off Your Phone

The Vinaya Altruis – Statement Bluetooth Jewelry Designed to Get You Off Your Phone

Some of us spend too much time on our phones, and that can damage social relationships in the real world (Off of Facebook). But, while a lot of us do spend a significant amount of time staring at our screen, some of us are also slaves to checking for notifications. This is especially important for women who leave their phone in their bag and have to keep digging for it every time. The Altruis Vinaya is a series of Bluetooth jewelry that offers to solve both of these problems at once. Not only do you get to cut checking your phone for notifications, you also get to get rid of all but the most important notifications, which is designed to hopefully rid you of your smartphone addiction. If that sounds like a problem you have, keep reading.

If it doesn’t, you can keep reading anyway just to see how it works.

What Does the Vinaya Altruis Do

The Vinaya Altruis is quite literally a notifications bracelet. When paired with a the Vinaya smartphone app, it sends you notifications right to the bracelet, necklace, or earrings, so that you don’t have to check your phone to see when someone has called, texted, or emailed you.

Most importantly, Vinaya Bluetooth jewelry allows you to set filters so that only the most important notifications come through (no buzzing every 3 minutes because you get a Candy Crush invite or someone beat your SongPop high score). Instead, the app carefully filters your messages, and even tries to filter out non-essential texts and notifications (such as that group chat you’re in) so that you’re not bothered unless it’s something important. While not everyone wants this function, it’s certainly useful if you’re at work where it’s a good idea not to check your phone unless it’s important, or going out, where you probably don’t want to anyway.

The Vitaya App

Vinaya Bluetooth jewelry must be paired with the Vinaya app installed on your phone in order to work. This allows a certain amount of security because it’s harder to connect to the jewelry, and affords you more control over the notifications you receive. Unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS, which means that only iPhone users can have the Vinaya Bluetooth jewelry.

The app integrates directly with your iPhone’s built in systems including text and iMessage, phone and Facetime, email, and social notifications. It also allows you to filter your profiles based on settings, so that you get work notifications during work and on-work notifications when you leave. This makes it really easy to switch between your work and personal life, simply by switching off notifications for the other.

The Jewelry

Vinaya Altruis offers a range of jewelry options that mostly look like statement pieces in different colors. With necklaces, rings, and bracelets, all in multiple colors and styles, available in the collection, you have a lot to choose from. Most importantly, they don’t look like technology. However, the cheapest options start at about $310 plus shipping, and the most expensive are over $600. That’s a lot for what is essentially a glorified notifications device, even if it does look pretty.

The Altruis Vinaya has a lot to offer for women (and men who like fancy jewelry) who want something pretty that they can wear to get notifications. However, it is mostly statement jewelry, which makes it difficult to wear in every situation, does not have a screen and therefore doesn’t really remove you from checking your phone, and is technically overpriced considering you can get a Pebble Watch or even an Apple Watch for nearly the same money. Those are a lot of downsides. However, if you have the money, Vinaya is one of the most attractive Bluetooth wearables on the market in terms of looks, and it will certainly turn a few heads, even before people realize it has Bluetooth.

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