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The thingCharger Charges Your Things (And Looks Good Doing it)

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The thingCharger Charges Your Things (And Looks Good Doing it)

Most of the time when tech innovations hit the stage they’re big and they’re big changes. For example, the switch from using gas lighting to electric lighting, or the switch from a cell phone that fit in your briefcase to one that fits in your front pocket. Other times changes are a little smaller, a little harder to notice, but just as appreciated. Like when you switch from a Windows to a Mac and go “Hey, this is pretty easy”. The thingCharger is a lot like that, it’s not a huge change, but wow what a difference it makes.


What is the thingCharger?

thingCharger is a thing that charges your things which if you say really fast 10 times will win you absolutely nothing. The thingCharger is essentially a nearly invisible plug that goes over your wall sockets and then allows you to seamlessy charge most of your devices without ever having to use any cords or cables. The result is a small but ridiculously improved change that reduces clutter and streamlines your charging. What’s the disadvantage? We haven’t been able to find one yet.


How Does it Work

The thingCharger is an alternative to a USB hub or port but also charges phones, tablets, and other devices right from the device. The top features a charger for a mobile device while the bottom features two standard USB hub outlets so that you can charge your regular devices as well. The thingCharger fits over your standard wall socket to give you access to the traditional plugs as well as your new hubs. Best of all, thingCharger is stackable, so you can plug 3 or 10 thingchargers in on top of each other to charge all of your devices right in the same place. Each unit is equipped with interchangeable charging tips so that it can charge almost anything including a range o iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even Amazon devices. It’s also eco-friendly with a switch that tells it to stop consuming power when not in use.

thingCharger is quite possibly one of the best things ever for anyone who uses things they have to charge, and it’s relatively affordable. It’s also just an inch thick, plugs into any standard U.S. power port, and weighs just 6.5 ounces, making it perfect for use by travelers.
While it probably isn’t perfect, thingCharger can reduce clutter, make your home a lot cooler, and make your office or desk that much neater. It also frees up charging outlets so that you don’t have to worry about unplugging your devices every time you have to use something with a standard power cord. And if you stack your thingChargers, you can charge your tablet, your phone, your laptop, and run a blender all at the same time. Cool? Yes! At the end of the day, this pretty much boiils down to the most awesome universal charger ever.

How Do You Get a thingCharger?

thingCharger is available for pre-order with a launch day later this year. The device can be preordered on for $41.95 + $7.95 if you happen to need a lightning tip for a new Apple device. While exact shipping dates are not provided, we will keep you updated.
The main website shows a lower price of $29 and the ability to buy some and get more free (for example buy 5 get 5 free, leaving you with 10 thingChargers for just $145, meaning you can put them in every room, stack as much as you want, or give them as gifts to everyone you know.
What do you think? Is the thingCharger the most awesome thing ever? Or is it just cool but not worth the investment? Stay tuned later in the year for a full review of thingCharger (we pre-ordered).