The Most Amazing Concept Computers Ever Designed

The Most Amazing Concept Computers Ever Designed

Computers have been becoming smaller, changing in shape and size, and getting smarter since the day they were created. In 1960 a person on the street would have been amazed by the idea of a computer that fit into the palm of someone’s hand. Today, we aren’t amazed quite as easily, but we should be because there are really some amazing things going on today in tech. Here are a couple of astonishing concept computers.


The HP LIM was designed by Jeffrey S. Engelhardt and is quite possibly one of the most futuristic looking computer models ever. Featuring a transparent touch OLED screen, the computer is completely see through and would look amazing on a desk. It also features a virtual trackpad which would save money. The keyboard is not virtual, but it could be made virtual very easily. What makes this computer especially cool is that it uses a bamboo mesh structure for the casing, cutting down production costs by 65%, and making the computer a lot more eco friendly. Would you buy it?

Macbook Touch

No list of computer concepts would be complete without adding in at least one cool Mac concept and the Macbook Touch is that concept. Designed as an extremely thin and flexible computer, the Macbook touch literally folds out into a giant tablet. It can then be folded in half to be used as a laptop with a fully digital keyboard. The concept is simply stunning, and would allow owners to double their screensize in a matter of seconds. If you get a frame for it, there’s no reason why you would ever need a TV.


For anyone who likes glass, Zafiro simply looks amazing! This computer concept is designed around a clear LCD panel with a simple silver frame. The desktop features a foldable futuristic keyboard. The designer, Mac Funamizu, also designed a glass phone concept that could slide into the screen to display specific items and access the computer. Overall, this concept is very cool, although the designer was not 100% clear on what it can do.

HP Docking Tablet

For anyone who has ever wished that they could just pick up their desktop computer and go, the HP docking tablet is the best idea ever. This tablet is designed as a full size 15.5″ computer that you can use with a standard keyboard on your desk. When you’re ready to go, all you have to is detach it and then connect it to either a laptop clamshell folding keyboard or use it like a tablet. In either case, it’s one of the most versatile designs ever, and not really as far fetched as most of the designs in this article. For concept computers, it definitely gets kudos for realism while still being awesome. The HP tablet and docking concept was designed by Adam Ohern but is not currently in production.

The HOLO 2.0

The HOLO 2.0 or Holographic Computer is a wearable computer that you can fit around your wrist. The computer then uses a holographic display to allow you to interact with and control it. At home, you can dock your HOLO onto a stand and use it as a traditional desktop. Some of the features include sound vibration alerts, holographic touch pad so that the computer can be used on the go, and piezoelectric power. The HOLO 2.0 is a computer concept originally created by French designer Elodie Delassus in 2010. While it was then claimed that it would become reality by 2015, we can only hope.

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