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The Last of Us Review – Game of the Year Maybe?


The Last of Us Review – Game of the Year Maybe?

When I bought The Last of Us, I was trying to expect to be disappointed. After all, there have been plenty of games with a great reputation before the release that ended up being a flop. Luckily for me, The Last of Us is not one of them. I played through the entire game and have been thoroughly impressed by every second of it. While my review of The Last of Us is definitely positive, there are a few points I would like to make about the game.

The Last of Us game review


The Last of Us is a zombie like survival game, and I really love the plot. For starters, with just a few tiny adjustments, I could see this as an sequel to the film adaption of ‘ I Am Legend’ by Richard Matheson (although the book is still better). Except for the part where I am Legend’s zombies were turned by a rabies mutation and The Last of Us’ zombies were turned by a mutation of cordyceps (look it up, it really does exist), they could be the same world. The plot is set in the not to distant future where the main character Joel watches his daughter die at the start of the game. 20 years later, Joel is a smuggler, hired to get a young girl who is immune to the viral infection through quarantine to a group who could use her to create a cure. The game follows this journey, and ends with a surprise twist. The plot is incredibly emotional for a game, and unless you absolutely hate kids or emotional stuff (if so go play God of War or Never Die Alone) then you will love this.


The Last of Us Game reviewMarketed as an ‘action-adventure survival horror game’ The Last of Us is really so much more than that. You control Joel as he works through and interacts with his environment, and keeps up with Ellie, as you fight with hands, guns, and anything around. The stealth system of the game is very realistic as you have to crouch down behind whatever is available in order to hide. You can use recipes and ingredients found throughout the game to make weapons, and get upgrades. I really like how realistic the whole game is, especially considering everything. Crafting is done in real time so you have to be careful when you make stuff (no pausing the game and creating an endless supply of Molotav cocktails), you can actually be attacked while crafting. There are a range of different weapons, and you can even pick up random items such as bricks from the ground to fight with. Another thing that I like is that this game is in third person view, which has always been my favorite play mode. All in all, the game play is great and you will be engrossed in it. What could be better? 3D of course!  I do like that you have to explore in order to find upgrades to your weapons and armor (nothing is left just laying in your path ever so conveniently), but if you want to play through as quickly as possible you might be a bit miffed. This isn’t a game you run through.

lou2Listening Mode – Allows Joel to see through walls using sound. Get used to this early on because you can hardly play without it in the final stages.

Crafting – Pretty much the only way to beat the game – pay attention and pick things up

Notes – Can help you learn more about the game and it’s surroundings

Factions – I haven’t played too much with the Multi-player because mostly I’m a solo kind of gamer girl, but from what I’ve seen it is pretty fun. You can participate in a 4×4 match against friends to see who’s team is the best. Usually you pair hunters against ‘Fireflys’ and you HAVE to be good at playing together.


There are a LOT of pros to The Last of Us. Seriously I would say that it is now in my top ten list of best games ever. Right up there with Diablo II, Mortal Kombat, the Bioshock Series, Legend of the Dragoon, and many of the Final Fantasy’s. Yeah, that kind of game. You can keep this one on your game shelf for years and play it over and over and over again. It’s really awesome.The last of us review

  • Characterization is excellent

  • The soundtrack is amazing

  • The story is superb

  • The plot is realistic

  • Villains are amazing

  • Voice Acting is (insert synonym of awesome here)

  • It’s epic

  • Resources are limited


Every game has its cons and unfortunately this amazing game is no different. I do have a few bones to pick with The Last of Us, and since this is my review, I’m going to let loose.

  • Tons of Checkpoints where you can start over – removes some of the tension from the game

  • Shooting scenes are out of sync with the rest of the game

  • Ellie cusses a lot (if you’re trying to get your kids to not cuss, not the right game)

  • At around 15 hours of gameplay it is relatively short



Without giving any real spoilers, The Last of Us is one of the most well thought out, dramatic, and beautiful games I have ever played. With stunning graphics, characterization that is just incredible, and a very realistic plot, this game is definitely a hit. On an emotional level, The Last of Us hits home at about the same place as ‘The Road’ (the movie), but adds a level of entertainment with gameplay. While this always will be a game, it’s quite possibly one of the best I have ever played. Despite this, it isn’t for everyone. Players who like a quick runthrough with lots of violence and action might want to stick to something else. The Last of Us requires some strategy and thinking, and isn’t for anyone who isn’t looking for a game that is as intelligent as it is beautiful.
Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Last of Us makes game of the year. In fact, it has my vote. Considering the number of stunning games out this year, that’s saying something. While not for everyone, The Last of Us is definitely for me.