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The HiSmart Bag Makes Your BackPack Smart

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The HiSmart Bag Makes Your Backpack Smart

The HiSmart Bag is a messenger bag that converts into a backpack and vice versa, with a smart remote and Bluetooth transmitter built in, allowing you to connect to your Android or Windows phone from your pocket or the bag. These allow you to access all of the functions of your phone to play music, accept calls, take photos, and much more, without ever touching your phone, which is incredibly valuable to commuters in public transport, on bicycles, and on foot.

What is the HiSmart Bag?


The HiSmart bag is a Kickstarter project launched by Japanese firm Lepow. The successfully funded project aims to create a series of smart bags offering a variety of features including finding your phone, pin and share, hands free calling, music control, taking a photo, audio recording, and more. Essentially, you can record audio notes, start up Cortana on Windows 10, call friends and accept calls, enter your location for finding your car or bicycle, control your music, and take a selfie by propping your phone up and stepping back (although this sounds inconvenient in almost any space, phone thieves? Anyone?)

What is the HiSmart Good For?

The HiSmart features two Bluetooth transmitters, allowing you to connect to your phone from inside or outside of the bag. Once connected, you can access your phones information and take calls or change music without pulling your phone out of the bag. This is especially useful if you have a Bluetooth headset, because you can access everything cord free. However, this may be a bit redundant, as most Bluetooth headsets have some control buttons built in, meaning that you can already control music and accept calls from the headset. However, with a microphone built into the remote, you don’t necessarily need a headset to talk, so long as you don’t mind everyone around you hearing your calls. Essentially, if you don’t want to wear a headset, the bag is most valuable for ignoring calls rather than taking them.


The find your phone and bag tracking functions are extremely useful, because you can locate either so long as you have the other. You can also use the remote for creating quick audio notes, which are stored in the app on your phone.

The shutter release function seems useful at first, and it could be, especially if you like to take selfies in private areas, your home, or a friends home. However, if you use it outdoors, you will have to place your phone on something outside, prop it up so that it doesn’t fall over, and then walk far enough away from it to take a photo.

If you go places a lot, the pin and share function has a lot of different applications, including inviting friends to where you’re having coffee or lunch, remembering a specific spot (like where you left your bike or your car), or sharing where you want to meet your friends.

Who Is It For?

With a variety of useful functions including the ability to accept or ignore calls and change or pause music without digging for your phone, the HiSmart bag could be useful for a lot of people, especially students and commuters. At $299 each, it does have a ways to go before it’s affordable enough for most students, and it doesn’t really compete against our list of the best smart backpacks, but the fact that it converts between a messenger bag and a backpack does make it more interesting. It’s also useful for cyclists, who can use it to access everything with one hand.