The High Tech Society’s Tech News Recap for Jan 5th – 11th 2013

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The High Tech Society’s Tech News Recap for Jan 5th – 11th 2013

The High Tech Society’s Tech News Recap

January 5th – 11th 2013

By Trish Rounsaville

news recap logo imageThe first full week of 2013 has been packed with interesting tech news, and we at The High Tech Society strive to bring you the best and most interesting news as it happens. Our daily journalist, Brandy Cross keeps us updated Monday through Friday, and then we have our weekly recap on Sundays to highlight the interesting pieces.

This week’s tech news highlights include: a warning to all computer users from Homeland Security, new waterproof smartphone from Sony, a new console for Steam Games, some fantastic gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show, a new e-watch to ship late January, and much more.

Homeland Security Warns Us About Java

Don’t panic yet coffee lovers, this isn’t about your morning cup of Joe. This tech news warning from homeland security is regarding your computer, PC’s mostly. If you are running Java on your computer today is the day you need to stop, because according to the Feds, hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses are at risk due to a major security flaw with the program.

Tech news writer Brandy Cross, warned us about some Java dangers a few months ago, so hopefully you heeded her caution then and your Java has already been disabled. However, if you didn’t read her report, actually I should say reports as she warned us many times, then you should now. At the very least you should disable your Java and only use it when you need to do so. How long will you be without your Java or be stuck turning it on and off when you need it? According to Yahoo, there is no time period given. Oracle simply stated that they will fix the security flaw “shortly.” Who knows how long shortly will be, so until then you should disable it.

If you’re unsure of how to disable your Java, you can do so through your browser by going to the settings or tools and then choose your addons. Next, go to plugins – locate your Java plugins and click disable (there will probably be a few of them). If you are a Mac user this more than likely does not apply to you.

Our Top Picks from the Consumer Electronics Show






The CES is a platform that is used to debut many different gadgets and devices, and this year is no different. Below you will find, five of our top picks of new gadgets from this years show.

Apps for Cars

Ford has announced that they will be equipping their vehicles with many third party entertainment apps. General Motors also announced that they are offering a software
development kit to designers who would like to design apps specifically for GM cars.

Intel Smart Touch PC Tablet

A new tablet PC that can adapt to its setting. When you remove it from the keyboard, the bezel thickens, making it easier to handle.

Sony HandyCam

A new, computerized camera that can stabilize images up to 13x more than its competitors. This camera can move and readjust itself to stay focused on an image.

Oculus Rift

A VR (virtual reality) headset that transfers data to a 3D display using a gyrometer, accelerometer, magnetometer, and a sensor package to track your movement.

New Digital TVs

Many new TVs were debuted at the 2013 CES. Including, an 85 inch HDTV with 4K resolution, that features a curved screen to deliver a full immersion experience. Sharp debuted an 8K resolution TV, but did not give a time frame as to when it would be released into stores.

New Waterproof SmartPhone from Sony

Sony XPeria Z

This isn’t the first waterproof smart phone, however, the Sony Xperia Z is definitely a smartphone worth looking at. Not only does it feature the functions of many HTC waterproof smartphones, but it also features a camera that can record in HDR (high dynamic range) video. This newest phone from Sony is loaded with features and it is hoped that this model will turn around their 2012 year of losses.

$10 million E-Watch Scheduled to Ship

ewatch on wrist display of ewatches

Something that has been long speculated about in tech news is whether or not we would ever see a working bluetooth watch for iPhone or Android. There have been some consumer electronic companies that have tried, but the watches have so far either failed miserably or been available only for Android. That’s why it’s nice to be able to report that the much awaited, and hyped Pebble e-watch is scheduled to start shipping on January 23rd. This watch raised an amazing, record-setting $10 million on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter during 2012. Pebbles is a simple watch that connects via Bluetooth to either an Android smartphone or an iPhone. It can display emails, and texts and will vibrate on incoming calls. It can also control music playlists, and some fitness and sports apps are already available.

Steam Games Comes to the Big Screen

Piston Steam Games

Ready for a little tech news for gamers? Many PC gamers will know of Steam Games, as they have been around in the PC gaming world for a long time. However, at the CES, Xi3 announced that they have created a console that will allow Steam games to work on a television screen. This new console was announced as a partnership between Steam and Xi3 earlier this month. The game box has been given the code name ‘Piston’, although that may change.

This new box will allow gamers to play many computer games on a TV console with HD graphics, it is claimed that it will also exceed the capabilities of many other gaming consoles such as the PSC of the Xbox 360. At the moment, there has been no information as to when we can expect to see ‘Piston’ in the stores, or how much it will cost. Speaking of games, we have a few new game reviews up that you may like too: Far Cry 3 Review and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review.

Mark Cuban is Fined $50,000 for a TweetOops

Earlier this week, Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks was fined $50,000 for a tweet that criticized the way the NBA was officiated. After a loss to the New Orleans Hornets, Cuban sent a tweet stating that he had ‘failed miserably’ trying to ‘fix the officiating in this league’. This is not the first time he has criticized officials, in the past 13 years, he has been fined millions of dollars. If you think this is bad, you should check out our article about some other social media faux pas!

Please join us every Sunday for a quick recap of the past week of tech news, delivered by The High Tech Society’s

Trish Rounsaville.


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