The Growing Pains of the Online Casino Industry

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The Growing Pains of the Online Casino Industry

A Look Back in Time: The Growing Pains of the Online Casino Industry

We all remember the ugly websites of the 90’s, most were monotone in appearance at best. Worse than than how they looked though was how they operated. They took several minutes to download a simple page, and if it was a gambling site, forget about playing the game within two to three minutes of starting a download, it was more like two to three hours. The primitive graphics, poor quality and lack of downloadable games made gambling online a chore instead of a fun past time. Like all online websites, especially those in the gaming area, these issues were  just the growing pains of the industry and the first stage of the gambling software evolution.

Online Breakthrough

Within just a few years,  a real gambling revolution occurred.  Casinos provided downloadable packs where a user could install any game they wanted, or all of them together, to their personal computer and enjoy playing any time they wanted. There was a catch though, and that was that they were only available offline, but that quickly changed thanks to rapid growth in technology.

Rapid Growth in Technology

Rapid development of virtual playhouses took place in early 2000’s. It was due to many new factors in technology, including:

  1. Higher Internet speed. Nearly anyone could now connect and load any website in a few seconds or less.
  2. Higher graphic quality. Thanks to the ever growing connection speed the websites were able to provide their machines with eye-candy interfaces. Software developers were even able to start working out new game patterns and add popular trends to their games. Terminator slots or Superheroes roulette were on top.
  3. Every house had at least one personal computer. With the Internet entering the lives of regular people not only for work but for entertainment as well, an increasing number of casino owners opened more and more playhouses online.

Mobile Gambling

In the mid to late 2000’s, 2006-2007 to be more specific, we saw the world develop smartphone fever. No longer did you have to sit up at your computer to access gaming websites, you could now access them from anywhere, even bed. Developers took advantage of this new industry and came out with thousands of apps that would help, entertain and educate people all via their mobile devices. The smartphone evolution touched casino business as well. First hazard apps appeared in 2007. They were simple and small programs you could download and play, but as simple as they were, they didn’t catch on very well and were not that popular.

Online Casino’s Today

Now we come to where we are today, where anyone can enjoy gambling online from anywhere that gets a signal and from almost any platform they’re using. This is due to all the WIFI zones that now exist, and the fact that almost every website now has a mobile version, including gambling platforms. Now anyone can Google for popular and safe online casinos, find a comfy spot, and play with almost no wait time. Casino software has certainly come a long way.

Thank you to our Guest Blogger from EvenBetGaming for providing this article.

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