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The Bluetooth ORB and Other Rings

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The Bluetooth ORB and Other Rings

Bluetooth rings have been catching attention lately, especially with other similar tech being released onto the market. Tech rings with bluetooth capabilities are the most popular and options include the Bluetooth ORB, iRing, the BCK rings, and more. So what bluetooth rings are out there? Take a look at these surprisingly high tech options, some of which might be coming out soon. While some of these have been on the market for a while, they are all definitely worth taking a look at, and all very cool.

The Bluetooth ORB

orb bluetooth ring jewelry

The Bluetooth ORB is one of the most popular tech rings. The ring is a fashion ready headset that sits on your finger as a ring, and then transforms into a headset with a twist. With bone conduction technology it easily sends clear and beautiful audio to your ears. High end versions of the device were also touted as being able to display incoming call names and numbers, text previews, date, and more. The ring would supposedly light up and vibrate when an incoming call is placed and the wearer could easily answer the call by removing the ring and twisting it into a headset. Considering that the ORB is also supposedly waterproof and noise cancelling, you definitely have a winner when it comes to a Bluetooth headset.

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The iRing


The iRing is another concept that has been around for a long time. In fact, the iRing has been around since 2007! Unfortunately it’s not yet in production, but rumors say that it could be within the next year, although the end product will be a bit different from the current concept design. The iRing is meant to work as a remote control for an iPod. Functions include pause, play, fast forward, rewind, stop, and volume, meaning that a runner, biker, or anyone listening to music could control their music frmo their hand. This would be a great deal more convenient than reaching into your pocket to grab your device. Rumor suggests that the new version will also include motion sensing. This is because it is meant as a remote control for the new Apple TV, and should be able to literally allow the wearer to push buttons on the TV with his or her hand. While this might sound a bit odd, it also sounds really cool. However, this bit of information is still just a rumor. If it becomes reality, it will most likely also include some form of iOS control, and quite possibly much of the same control as the original concept. It will mostly use Bluetooth connectivity as well as the motion detection.

BCK Rings


The BCK rings are one of the most far fetched options out there, but are still pretty cool. These rings consist of a dual ring that slips over your pinky and your thumb. When connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you can accept a call by opening your hand and holding it to your ear. Moving the two rings together hangs up the call. While this is a great idea, it doesn’t actually free up your hands, it’s just sort of 80s geeky cool. The thumb ring would contain a speaker and would be held to your ear, while the pinky ring would hold a speaker. While there are a lot of cool tech rings out there, they aren’t the most practical idea ever. For example, most people wear a different ring size. Having to produce rings in every size would be extremely expensive unless someone figured out how to make a one size fits all Bluetooth ring.