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The Best Desktops for $400 Or Less

The Best Desktops for $400 Or Less

Whether your old desktop went out, or you decide that you want a new one, you can find one without spending a great deal of money. While there aren’t a great deal of options for anyone with a budget of $400 or less, you can still get a pretty decent computer for that money. Here are a few of the best Desktops under $400 that you can consider.

Budget Desktops Under $400

HP Pavilion P2-1310

With 4GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive this bare bones PC is a great option for those an a minimal budget. However, this computer doesn’t have what it takes to hold up to heavy and regular use. Instead, we recommend it for light users who go on Facebook, play social games, and just surf the web. If you game, work online, or for any other reason spend a lot of time on your computer you’re going to want to invest in something a little more durable. However, if you just want a basic internet access computer that you can also manipulate photos on, use social and chat, and look up recipes on Pinterest, this is a great computer for you. The MSRP is $369, but you can frequently find it for less money on Amazon.

Budget Desktops Under $400

Dell Inspiron

Dell is well known for offering budget computers and the Dell Inspiron desktop is no different. There are around four different models that come in under $400 and a couple that are just over. Once again, you can get the cheapest prices on Amazon, where computers are usually heavily discounted. Probably the best priced Inspiron is the i660s-1541BK which has an MSRP of $365 with 4GB of RAM, a 2.3 Ghz processor, and 500 GB or hard drive space. It also out performs the HP Pavilion in user satisfaction so you should probably consider it over the HP when buying. However, like any budget desktop computer, the Inspiron does have it’s issues in that the CD Rom is a little bit flimsier than you would get with a more expensive computer. However, for the money, it’s quite possibly one of the best computers out there for under $400.


Lenovo Essentials

While Lenovo does have some extremely expensive computers out their they also have some budget desktops under $400. The Lenovo Essentials line costs $350 to $270,making it one of the most affordable options out there. The cheapest line is usually the 505s, and can be found on Amazon as well as in some stores like Best Buy. The H505s usually features a 2.3Ghz processor, 4GB of memory, and 1024 GB hard drive! Because the exterior is brushed aluminum, it doesn’t look like it’s cheap, which is a definite plus for many.


While there aren’t a lot of computers available for $400 or less, you can sometimes even find options for $300 or less. One consideration for people on an extreme budget is that it is always possible to buy used or refurbished models. In fact, the same computer that sells for $400 new might go for as little as $50 used, which is a bargain, even if the computer is a little damaged. Refurbished is usually the best way to go because not only does it come with a factory guarnatee that it’s working, but usually comes with a one year warranty as well, which is a lot safer than buying any old computer.
Another consideration is that if you need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse then you’re probably going to want to look for a bundle that includes all of these things. This is a great way to save money because a monitor can cost as much as $100 or more and a keyboard and mouse range from $20 for the pair up to over $100 each depending on quality.