The 5 Best VPN Services For the Money

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The 5 Best VPN Services For the Money

The 5 Best VPN Services For the Money

Choosing a VPN service or provider can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what things like logs, OpenVPN, dynamic IPs or P2P actually mean. While each of the above listed features are important, especially if you want your VPN for something specific, you can narrow down your options with this list of some of the best VPN services we’ve tested so far this year. We’ve gone budget conscious, to list services that provide a great value for your money, rather than simply high quality. One thing to consider is that if you are on a tight budget, you can look for free VPN, but many of them are slow, and feature a great deal of ads, which makes them significantly less valuable than premium versions.

Private Internet Access

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Private Internet Access is one of the best bargains for your money hands down, thanks to costs starting from just $3.33 per month with a yearly membership, which costs $40. The VPN offers encryption, logins for up to five devices at once, a proxy server, and servers in 20 different countries. The 7 day guarantee allows you to get your money back if you aren’t happy.

HotSpot Shield Elite

HotSpot Shield Elite is one of the most budget friendly VPN services you can find, but it is slow. HotSpot has a free and a paid version, and the Elite is paid, with prices starting at $5.99 per month, or just $50 for a 2 year subscription, working to around $2 per month. Of course, it’s not as fast or as fancy as some other options, but it makes a good offering if you want to protect yourself when using public WiFi, browsing the web, or downloading files. It only has servers in 9 countries, but that’s more than enough for most users.


ExpressVPN claims to be the fastest VPN on the planet, and all claims aside, it is among the fastest, and best, VPN offerings we’ve ever tried. ExpressVPN consistently offers quality, low-cost services, starting from $8.32 per month, when you pay in 12 month increments. With 24/7 customer support, you can also get as much help as you need with setting it up, or with issues. ExpressVPN features unlimited server switches, servers around the world in 78 countries, built in encryption, and apps for most major operating systems. With a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s also one of the safest bets when choosing a VPN.


With prices starting at just $4 per month, NordVPN has one of the lowest cost pricing systems, with a number of impressive features to go along with. With servers primarily located in Western Europe and the United States, it’s a good fit if you’re looking to replace your IP with a trustworthy one. You also get a 30 day guarantee, fast speeds, and no logs, with encryption, it’s a great deal no matter which way you look at it.


IP Vanish offers a VPN service with prices starting from $6.50 per month, or $78 per year. With servers in 59 countries, extremely fast access and speed, no logging, and very good security and encryption, it’s actually one of the best options you can choose, hands down. In terms of best value for the money, NordVPN wins almost hands down, so it’s an easy choice if you just want a lot of features for what you’re spending.

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