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The 3 Best Apple Watch Stands for Under $10


The 3 Best Apple Watch Stands for Under $10

If you have an Apple watch, you’ll want an Apple watch stand. We have three for you to check out below, all of which we found on and for under $10 each. The stands come in plastic, metal or wood. We have tested out one of each to help you decide which one you may want. We tested each stand with our Apple 38mm and 42mm Apple watches and charger cords, as well as iPhones and iPads if they could accommodate them.

1: Aluminum Apple Watch Stand for Apple Watchapple watch apple stand




The first stand we got was a metal or aluminum watch stand and is for your watch only. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum and claims to be the best stand on the market. We do admit that out of the three we tested, we do like this one the most aesthetically, however, it is also the only one we ended up having a slight issue with as well. The issue? Twice while charging our watch (over a month period) the watch has displayed “that it wouldn’t charge due to it being used on an “unapproved” third party charging device. After adjusting the charger (the magnetic part that pushes up through a rubber area on the stand), the watch did go back to charging and only once more showed that error message.  It’s not overly large or cumbersome, and is very attractive next to a Mac computer with a similar aluminum exterior.

2: Plastic Apple Watch Stand Holds Watch and Phone

plastic apple watch stand
The second watch stand we got for our Apple watch is a plastic stand.  This stand will also hold your iPhone or iPad and allows for the charging cords for all of the devices to be easily pulled through it. This watch stand comes in a very small box and at first appears so cheaply made that you may consider returning it. However, once you slide the pieces together it is quite sturdy and looks much nicer than it looks in the box. We had no charging issues, no error messages, and the stand is still holding up just fine. 

3: Wood Bamboo Stand for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad

wooden bamboo apple watch stand

Our final stand we recommend is this bamboo stand. For a wood stand it’s very nice and will fit in well with an office or home decor that is better suited with a wood piece. There are cutouts for your cords for your iWatch / Apple Watch. This particular stand will hold three devices, your iPhone, your iPad and your Apple Watch. The cords for the phone and tablet run behind the stand as there are not specific cutouts for them, but they do fine without any cutout or notch. The wood is very nice and we found it to be very sturdy.

Any of these three stands for your Apple watch will serve you well. Which one you choose comes down to two things, which one you like the best as far as the style or look goes, and how many devices you want it to hold. The first aluminum stand we show will only hold your watch, the plastic stand will hold and charge your watch and phone and the third, the wood stand, will hold all three devices (iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch).