What is Terrarium TV?  Is It Safe and Legal to Use?

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What is Terrarium TV?  Is It Safe and Legal to Use?

What is Terrarium TV?

Terrarium TV is a movie and TV streaming app for Android, available as an APK, and directly competing with streaming apps like Kodi. The app is available in the Google Play store and can be installed onto almost all Android-based smart TVs including the Fire Stick and Android Box, as well as iOS, Mac, and Windows.  

Streaming TV subscriptions are extremely popular, but alternatives like Terrarium TV offer the same services for free. If you’re looking into a TV-service, want to replace Kodi, or are considering alternatives to downloading, Terrarium can look promising.  

But, is it legal? Is it safe? And can you get into financial trouble for using the service? There’s a lot to consider, and we’ll start out with what Terrarium is and what it does.  

What is Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is an application for Android with a dedicated website and a large library of films and TV shows. Unlike many streaming sites, Terrarium focuses on adding HD content, including high definition TV shows like Game of Thrones and HD movies.  

With over 14,000 subscribers and a userbase exceeding 100,000, the site and the application are undoubtedly extremely popular.  

Is Terrarium TV Legal?

Terrarium works a bit like Kodi with third party add-ons like Exodus, aggregating links from other websites into an easy-to-play interface. The site does not store any illegal content on its own servers, which means that it technically isn’t breaking the law. However, that doesn’t necessarily hold true for streamers.  

While current piracy laws in most countries do not extend to streaming, that is rapidly changing. In the UK, several court cases have already moved to recognize illegal streaming as piracy – and as streaming websites become more and more popular and sophisticated, other countries will follow suit.  

What Else Should You Know?

Terrarium does not license media, is not a legal streaming application, and it is not necessarily safe. For example, if you download the app, you will have to do so via APK. It is not available on any official store – meaning that no store approved its usage. You will have to change your settings to allow unofficial apps on any device.  

In addition, Terrarium isn’t guaranteed to stay online. The app attempts to protect itself from legal trouble by scraping links and content from other servers – but historically, this hasn’t worked. Kodi add-ons like Exodus and Pheonix both went offline after an anti-piracy lawsuit – despite using a similar scraping method to protect themselves from lawsuits. It also doesn’t protect you should your ISP attempt to cut your bandwidth to prevent illegal video streaming, if your home is searched during a piracy investigation, or if you are taken to court over streaming.  

Terrarium also uses ads, which a large percentage of users complain about. You can block them by installing ad-blocker or similar, but as an illegal streaming site, Terrarium is limited to low-quality ads for porn, online gambling, and other types of content that is typically less than family friendly.  

Terrarium is extremely popular for streaming movies and TV in HD, but it isn’t legal. The site could go offline at any time and you could be left with a piracy lawsuit. While the latter is still unlikely under current piracy laws, that could change. 

If you choose to download Terrarium, make sure you download the APK from an official source (Terrarium.apk) and not another mirror site, which could be a spoof or virus, and make sure that you protect yourself and your privacy when you do so. Terrarium itself doesn’t break any laws by scraping links and sharing them to you, but you could be by knowingly streaming illegal content.  

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