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Technology for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids


Technology For Babies, Toddlers And Kids

We don’t often think of the technology that is in our daily lives because we are used to it being there. From computers to cell phones and all the other great things that make life easier, for some these are just normal things that have always been there. For some of us technology has changed, advanced, and brought us great gadgets over the years. We have seen the changes in everything from toys to reading. From the time they are born, there is technology for babies around them that will be part of their daily lives as they grow.

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Technology For Babies

When you bring a baby home from the hospital chances are you have some type of gadget to help with the baby waiting at home. Back in the good old days, parents would put the newborn in their room so they would hear them at night. With the advances in technology for babies and their equipment, there are baby monitors most parents use now. The monitors allow parents to hear the baby from any part of the house. Some of the baby monitors have LCD screens so you can also see your baby from other rooms in the house. The monitors have night vision so even in the dark you can see your sleeping newborn. Nanny cams are something many parents use while they are working. From baby monitor to Nanny Cams parents are able to keep an eye on their children even when not at home.

Toddler Technology

As infants grow into toddlers, there is baby equipment parents use to help children learn. These too have changed over the years as baby gear technology has advanced. While there are still bounce seats and walkers for babies to learn in, there are also some interactive toys for learning when toddlers reach 12 months. The Laugh & Learn Smart Pony Sit & Spin interacts with the TV as toddlers ride on the pony. This is an active learning toy using a wireless connection to the TV for animated fun. There are different levels of play and audio options parents can select. Toddlers can use the toy without the TV and still have fun with sound effects and songs from the pony.

There are stuffed animals that parents can connect to the computer and program. Once programed the animals will sing, talk, and say your child’s name. Technology for babies and their toys has made this possible. These make wonderful bedtime companions. My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet can be programed when connected to a computer, PC or Mac, for a personalized toy for children.

Technology As Toddlers Grow

Books are a big part of helping toddlers and children learn. Colors, numbers, letters, and shapes can be taught using books. Introducing books into a baby’s life starts them learning to like books early. Books will always be a great learning tool for children of all ages but as with everything, technology in children’s learning toys has introduced new interactive books. Leap Frog has some wonderful interactive books and small computers that children can start learning with from toddler age and up. They have books, phones, phonics help, and toys that teach sounds and shapes.

Stuffed Animal Technology

Kids of all ages like stuffed animals and with the toy technology advancements there are now stuffed animals kids can play with at home and online. With Webkinz, a child can have a plush animal to hold and play with and they can make a world for their pet online. They can visit a virtual world for their pet and name the pet, play games, and bring their pet to life. The adorable stuffed animals have a special internet code that kids can put on the site to enter the virtual Webkinz world.

Interactive Websites for Kids

While kids still play with dolls and toys they also like being able to play with their favorite toys online. Barbie has been a favorite of girls for many years and now with kid’s interactive technology and the internet, kids can dress Barbie and play games at her website. For train fans, Chuggington is online and kids are able to watch episodes and play games at the site too. There are activities for kids to do on the site. Parents can help the kids check out the sites of their favorite characters.

The technology in our daily lives is constantly changing and advancing. The advancements in technology for babies and kids bring us some wonderful toys and learning tools to help them learn while having fun. As babies grow into toddlers, they have some amazing toys for learning. The interactive toys make learning fun for them.