Tech Tips to Help Find Free Things Online

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Tech Tips to Help Find Free Things Online

Tech Tips to Help Find Free Things Online

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Terri C’s Tips -n- Tricks to Saving Money on the Internet!

You may have seen posts from friends or Facebook or Twitter about them getting something free and wonder how they did it. There are several ways to get free products and samples in the mail and many other free things online. It goes along with couponing and other ways to save money and it includes technology.

Many companies offer samples as a way of letting customers try products before purchasing them. Technology has helped companies do this on a wide scale. It has also helped customers find out about the samples companies offer. You may not have thought of technology as a way to save money and find free things but there are some tech tips to help you.

Use Social Media

You can use social media for more than staying in touch with family and friends. It can help you find free things online. While you are on Facebook, take time to look up your favorite company. Chances are they do have a page. When you “like” a company page, your news feed shows their posts.

This is where some companies let customers know about special offers and if they are having a promotion to give samples away. While not all companies give samples, many of them do. Companies sometimes have contests and coupon offers they let you know about using social media.

Clubs and Loyalty Programs

Did you know that if you join a loyalty program or specialty club that you get special offers? Many companies have clubs for customers. When you join, you get emails letting you know of special offers, sneak peeks, and special events. Take advantage of technology and visit a company’s web site to see if they have customer programs or clubs.

You can join on-line by filling out a form and you will be in the know for the next great offer. Yogurt Land has the “You Rule Club” that keeps members alerted to things like the free yogurt on Monday, February 4, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day. Check the site to see if there is a location near you and enjoy free yogurt and toppings.

Government Sites

You can find some helpful free things online by looking at the sites. Magnets and stickers with the poison control number on them by can be found on the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration, or HRSA, web site. The magnets stay right on the fridge to keep the number handy. The stickers can be placed anywhere including the phone book. You can even get free phones or phone service from the government if you qualify!

 Kid’s Sites

You can even find free things online for your kids. If you child is a Lego fan, they can join the Lego Club. When they join, with your permission, they get a free subscription to Lego club Magazine. The subscription is for two years and is mailed to your home five times a year. The magazine has puzzles, sneak peeks of upcoming sets, and more.

They will get codes that give them access to secret on-line content. The site has videos, building steps, and dates for upcoming store monthly mini model builds. Kids can go to the local Lego store and build a free mini model. Lego Stores are located in 27 states. There are also lots of free games online for kids.

Look at Amazon for Free Books

If you love to read and have a Kindle or other type of eReader with the Kindle app, you can find free books online at Amazon.  The Kindle Store has free eBooks that you can transfer to your tablet with just a click. You can find popular classics like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and many others. Amazon has daily deals and free books change often.

Whether you like romance or mystery there are free eBooks for you. The selection of free books sometimes includes cookbooks and kids’ books. You can share your joy of reading with a free eBook for your child from classics like The Ugly Duckling to children’s mysteries.

Final Tech Tips to Saving Money….for Now 

When you use tech tips to find free things online, you may be surprised at what you find. With the world at your fingertips you are not limited to just looking in magazines and newspapers for coupons. You are able to visit company web sites and see if they have any deals or samples. Think of it as a tech treasure hunt to find something free.

Keep in mind, promotions for free items do not usually ask for credit card information and quantities are limited. When the company has reached the limit, the deal will be over. Remember anything free usually goes very, very fast. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t snag a free deal because there will be another one you can try for.

The free things online mentioned above were available at the time of writing this and were free, but because offers change and run out, they may not be available for long. For more tips on online savings, deals, discounts, tips and freebies click here!

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