5 of The Coolest Tech Gadgets for Musicians

5 of The Coolest Tech Gadgets for Musicians

Everyone loves gadgets and musicians are no different. Any gadget that helps them with music is right up their alley. There are some great new tech gadgets for musicians that are fun and helpful. Whether you are a seasoned musician or just getting started, these high tech music gadgets can help with various aspects of your music.

1. Gibson Memory Cable

gibson memory cable

When an idea for a song hits and you do not have recording equipment, now you have a way of capturing your inspiration with the Gibson Memory Cable. The cable works with guitars or keyboards and has a built-in recorder with CD quality resolution. You do not need an amp because the cable plugs directly into your keyboard, guitar, or bass for recording. The cable makes it easy to record practice sessions to listen to later. The cable works no matter what the battery strength is and even if the recorder is not enabled.


  • Records only when you are playing

  • Handles bass, guitar, keyboard, drum machine synthesizer, and line-level signals

  • Uncompressed recording

  • Windows/Mac/Android/iOS compatible WAV file format

  • Insulated ends

  • Simple user interface with included reference card

  • TASCAM recording technology

  • Transfer files from MicroSD card to computer with a card reader or insert card into compatible smart phones

  • Uses AA batteries and LR44 battery

  • Clock function

2. Groove Drum Machine

groove drum machine

With the promise to use just two samples per sound to create dynamic drum kits, the Groove virtual drum machine is unlike any other. The software works with both Windows and Mac OS X. You can use the software with or without a license key. The trial mode has a limited set of available drum kits, no export function, and unlimited in time but it is fully functional.

Groove Highlights:

  • Compatible with VST2, VST3, or AU hosts

  • Dualistic sound engine

  • 46 kits with high-end and lofi sounds plus vintage drum machine samples

  • Supports AIF, WAV mono/stereo, 8, 16, 20, an 24Mit and 32 Bit Floating Point audio formats

  • Compact GUI design

  • MIDI processors

  • Stand alone application with basic MIDI built-in file player

  • 8 stereo audio outputs

  • 128 Keys with volume and balance/pan controls

  • 8 Low Frequency Oscillators

  • 11 velocity sensitive sound parameters for each Key

3. Pick Punch

pick punch

Any guitar player knows they can go through picks like crazy. Having a supply of picks means that you will always have one handy when you are ready to play. The Pick Punch is a neat little tech music gadget that all guitarists should have. You can make your own picks whenever you need one and let’s face it, it’s just fun to have one at your disposal. You can find the handy tool available on Amazon.

4. Mikey Digital Microphone

mikey digital microphone

If you use your smart phone to record your music, you can now improve those recordings. The Mikey Digital Microphone provides stereo audio recording using iOS devices. The microphone allows mobile recording so you can record your music as the mood strikes you. Stereo recording is possible with the two Blue capsules that are custom tuned. The gadget has a line-input, 230-degree rotating design, USB pass through, and three gain settings. It allows you to record music, guitars, and videos with stereo sound. Your phone can be a great recording device when you have the digital microphone that comes with its own carrying pouch for travel.

5. Pro 2 Synth

pro 2 synth

Coming in July 2014 is the Pro 2 from Dave Smith. It is a hybrid synth that plays up to four voices at the same time even though it has the design of a super-powerful mono synth. It can sync to external audio output or MIDI clock. With superwaves, a dual analog filter architecture, digital bucket-brigade delay, and step sequencer it sounds like nothing else. You can produce complex wave shapes or classic wave shapes using the tool.


  • Two filters

  • Advanced sequencing

  • Plays with modulars

  • Envelopes, delays arpeggiator, LFOs,

  • Multitude of modulation

With all the great tech music gadgets, it has never been easier for anyone to create and record their own music. The great tools allow you to record anywhere and anytime your muse takes over. You do not need a recording studio when you take advantage of all the gadgets that are available for musicians. Record your music and vocals in your own home and use some fun tools to turn them into professional quality recordings.

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