How to Take Your Mobile App from Good to Great

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How to Take Your Mobile App from Good to Great

How to Take Your Mobile App from Good to Great

To say the mobile app market is increasing is an understatement—exploding would be a better way of putting it. With a Gartner report estimating that more than 50% of users will turn to Smartphones or tablets for online activities, you need a way for your mobile app to stand out. Find out how to take your mobile app from good to great, using these 3 practical tips.

1. Does Your App Impact Users’ Daily Lives or Offer Users In-App Purchases and In-App Ads?

We believe the app rush comes down to these two reasons: apps playing a key role in users’ day-to-day lives and marketing features like in-app ads and in-app purchases.

Apps Integrated in Users’ Daily Lives

An App Annie report revealed that Smartphone users access over 60 plus apps…per month. Even though App Annie factored in pre-installed apps into their data, this figure clearly shows that apps have become an integral part in users’ lives, from counting steps on a hike to budgeting for the month.

Use this information, asking yourself: What role does your app play in user’s everyday lives? What specific task does it solve? What pain points does your app address (and alleviate)?

In-App Ads and In-App Purchases

mobile app ads

In-app ads and in-app purchases, according to Smashing Magazine, will be the primary drivers of mobile app growth in the years to come. With users turning more and more to their smartphones for content consumption and online shopping, developers can leverage this by offering in-app purchases so users can download more app-related material.

Not only would the mobile app developer capitalize on downloading costs but in-app purchases as well—meanwhile users gain access to more material that will help them solve said specific pain point. However, know that some users may find any sort of pop-up distracting, increasing the bounce rate and possibly un-installation.

Decide if this is a route you’d want to go. Or if your target audience cannot stand any type of pop-up.

Do Not Forget In-App Ads

In-App ads are another financial opportunity for mobile app developers. In-App ads allow for businesses to market their services or products on the app as a brief pop-up. If you decide to go this route, partner with businesses whose products or services address the same pain points as your mobile app. Again, ask yourself: How your target audience would benefit from the in-app ad? Let alone if they would?

2. Create an Amazing Microsite

A microsite is a 2-page branded content site. Normally, it centers around a campaign or can resemble a content site. The former is usually easier to maintain than the latter, but there are exceptions. Nonetheless, it is a necessity for marketing your app.

Create the microsite around one of your app’s key features. Juicy Fruit did this, forming their microsite around the famous serenading unicorn’s sweetness. Users interacted with the site by posting one of its 12 serenading unicorn videos on Facebook friends’ walls.

What makes your app stand out? Center your microsite around that.

3. Performance Monitoring

app monitoring performance

Use performance monitoring software to learn what needs to be fixed to boost your app’s performance before users find out. Performance monitoring tools gives the administrator information about client CPU utilization, bandwidth, and memory among others.

Decide if your app could benefit from performance monitoring. If so, choose a performance monitoring tool that has features which align with your app’s goals and values.

Final Thoughts

The mobile app industry is only going to become more saturated. In order to stand out, it is important to understand what makes your target audience tick, and find a way your app can deliver that.

Use these tips to help you fine tune your app. If you have other tips or experience to share, leave a comment.

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