Social Media Strategy – What’s That?

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Social Media Strategy – What’s That?

Social Media Strategy – What’s That?

At one point in time Social and SEO were two entirely different things, but now the truth is that the two have become so intertwined that a good SEO campaign cannot exist without a social strategy. Any blog, website, or business that attempts SEO bug ignores there social will likely find their SERPS aren’t that great, mostly because they have no social links, likes, and votes of confidence.

Social is important and even the socially flustered can learn to use their networks to their best advantage, even if those who don’t necessarily have the time or the know-how. It all starts with a social media strategy.

What is a Social Media Strategy (And Why Do You Need One?)

A social media strategy is just that, a plan that is used to decide how, when, and where to post on social networks. If there are no social pages created, it should also include which pages to start and when to launch them. Social strategies tell you what to do, keep you on track, and give you goals to work towards so that you can measure your success. Why do you want one, because without any measureable goals you’re just wandering along with no real point.

Social media strategy

Choose Social Networks – Step one is to decide which social networks you would like to focus your interest on. For example Twitter is the most interactive network because it offers very real time chats. However posts quickly vanish from pages, even with the use of proper hashtags. Facebook is becoming one of the most popular networks and for good reason. Google + and Pinterest are also very popular, but it is important to consider that you probably don’t have time for every network. Choose one or two that you can focus on to reach your target goals.

Allot Time for Social – A social strategy is nothing without time planning so make sure you decide how much time you can afford to spend per week on your social. You can allot this time per day, per week, or per month, so long as you get the results you need. Remember that time on social includes posting, coming up with posts, and replying and engaging with your fans.

Learn to Schedule – A free scheduling tool like HootSuite is one of the best things you can do for your social. Why? Because it allows you to schedule posts in advance so that you can stay active even if you don’t have the time. The idea is to try to make each post engaging because you might not be there to interact with it. Consider monitoring your social to figure out times and topics most appreciated by your fans and then go from there. Most pages find that 3-5 in the afternoon is a great time to post. Just remember that the more you post, the less engaged your fans will be with each post.

Set Goals – Your first goals should be to grow a fanbase. You can do this by asking friends to join, using hashtags across all networks, using sharable and likeable posts, and of course, by promoting your social to your fans through offers and mentions. Goals should also include conversions such as “I want to send this many people to my blog each month” or “I want to sell this many items to my fans this month”. These goals should start out very small and grow as your fan page and your interaction rises.

Remember to Monitor Results – Last but not least, social is all about monitoring your results so that you can adjust, update, and perfect your social media strategy. Most social networks offer some built in analytics but there are also free and paid tools you can use as well including Simply Measured, Klout, Hootsuite, and a range of others.

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