Dreams of New IT Business Yucca Tech Brings New Social Media Games

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Dreams of New IT Business Yucca Tech Brings New Social Media Games

Dreams of New IT Business Yucca Tech Brings New

Social Media Games

By Kimberly Carver


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A new social media game is coming out soon for Facebook. Yes, I know, you are probably groaning to yourself “Another Facebook game? How many do we need?” Yet this social media game promises to be different from any other and is being created by dreamers. Not dreamers in a bad sense, meaning that they are foolish and day dream all day.

While looking into this new game I became interested in the story behind it, so before telling you about the game, which you can find more about at the end of the article, I would like to tell you about how it made it to this point. I hope you find it as interesting as I did, because it started with a dream.

GodZ Facebook Game Creator’s Yucca Tech, Say it Started With a Dream…..

GodZ, the new social media game coming out soon for Facebook, was indeed started with a dream. Again, dreamers aren’t all bad. In fact their dream story is a bit like my story. I very much had a dream to create a technology website that women could write for (and men) and use their own real, female names. Why? Because I and many of my writers had often been made to write in a male pen name or simply anonymously because the site owners said it made us sound more like we knew what we were talking about, more authoritative when coming from a man.

I could simply start The High Tech Society, but like the creators of GodZ, I had dreams for more, for other websites and other ways to help women in tech. With that in mind I created Carver Networks which will encompass everything and as for GodZ’s creators they created an IT company called Yucca Tech. Their hopes with Yucca Tech will be to create more social media games, and they already have 4 more in the works so it appears their dream is moving along wonderfully.

It all began in 2011, during a dinner conversation.We felt the need to do something more, not only in a personal level, but also we realised that there was a great need in the technology market for new products. We found that creating fun products like games, businesses and brands could be recognized to a different level”, says Pedro Lopes one of the founders of Yucca Tech.

But like any dream or good dreamer, you have to take steps to make the dream cross over into reality, and so they did. They applied for and received a large amount of money from NSRF – National Strategic Reference Framework. “In January 2012 NSRF awarded us an incentive of 500,000 euros. We couldn’t believe it! (laughs)”, says Pedro Fernandes, who has also founded of Yucca Tech.

In a new move they have now also joined the well known website KickStarter, a site that helps people to raise money for their creative projects. In exchange for your donation to their efforts of the creation of their first of at least 4 social media games for Facebook, they offer you their Beta version of the game. There are different packages that include more items for of course more money.

GodZ comes to Social Media Gaming on Facebook and is a First Game for Yucca Tech

Yucca Tech also took the smart move of putting up a Facebook page, not only for their newly founded business, but also for their up and coming GodZ game. What they have done with their Facebook page is to use it to build interest, but one creative way I found quite interesting is that they created a comic strip about GodZ so that you can follow the strip each week and in doing so you are learning more about the game, which hopefully will then get you excited about playing it when it comes out.

GodZ Featured image

Something else I thought was neat was that they also ask for their comic strip readers / Facebook fans to tell them what they think should come next in the storyline. It does get some interaction going among their visitors so it is definitely working in getting people interested. 

If you like their story and dream, you can help support them on Kickstarter, or you can also just go show them some love by commenting on their GodZ Facebook fan page. If you would like to know more about their first game, GodZ, then just click here: Be a God in Facebook Games with GodZ!

Let me know what you think about their idea on starting this company. Do you think it’s a good one? Would you help them out, either financially or otherwise? Love to hear your thoughts always, so let me know what you’re thinking so we can get a great discussion going.

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