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A Review of Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones


A Review of Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones

In the market for a wireless baby monitor camera that you can use with your smartphone or tablet? You’re in luck, because we recently tried and tested one such baby cam and now we’re reviewing it for you, it’s called the Snug Baby Monitor and it works on Apple and Android devices.

Each of the questions below are questions that we recommend you ask yourself before purchasing a baby monitor with video. After each question we’ll tell you how the Snug Baby Monitor measured up. For more information on these questions, or when looking for a monitor other than this one, you can refer to our list of questions in our article, “10 Questions to Ask Yourself  When Buying A Baby Monitor for Smartphones” for future reference.

For now though, let’s get back to the Snug Baby Cam review. Below, we applied those questions from our article (mentioned above) to the Snug Baby Monitor, and after testing the camera out ourselves, here’s our answers:

Question 1: Is the baby cam compatible with your operating system (smartphone or tablet)?

The Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android tablet or phones. For Android it says that it is compatible with versions 2.3 or above. For our review we tested the monitor with an iPhone 6 using version 9.1.

Question 2: Is the baby monitor camera system easy to setup? In this case, the Snug Cam…

app settings snug cam

With any current security camera, or baby monitor cam, setup should be as simple as scanning a QR code. This is the case with the Snug baby monitor. The QR code is scannable once you download the app, click on the appropriate button and scan the code. The setup is then taken care of with little to no other effort from you. We had no issues with it.

As for the rest of the setup, it’s the same as it is with most baby monitor cameras. You first directly plug the monitor into your router through an ethernet cable and then once it’s setup you can use it wirelessly.

Question 3: Does it have alarms (audio and motion detection)?

alerts on snugcam

The Snug monitor does have this feature and it has several settings that work with it, including a PIR sensor. The alarms are for audio or movement. It alerted us through our phone with a notification sound each time it detected sound or movement and then it would save an image for you to view. This option can be turned on or off and adjusted as to sensitivity.

email setup snug cam app

The only thing we couldn’t figure out was the email setup. It’s not a simple, it’s a bit of a hassle actually. You can’t just put in where to send an email with the image or alert, you actually have to input the sender, the SMTP server, SMTP port, SSL settings, and then the receiver information. Setting all of that up isn’t for the non-tech savvy.

Question 4: Can you control the camera (pan / rotate right and left, up and down, zoom in or out)?

Many monitors are stationary, but the Snug cam is nice in that not only can you rotate it in left, right, up and down, you can also pinch your screen to zoom in on something better. Although this is a nice feature, we did have a lot of trouble getting it to actually comply with our commands. When the Snug baby monitor camera was approximately 50 feet from our router we could not control it at all. It would move a little and then it no longer responded.

At 30 feet from the router it responded better but still not a constant response. We found best control of the camera was within 15-20 feet, which isn’t great for a baby monitor when you’re wanting it in another room. For the most part, to get the camera to respond to our control, having it pan to the left or right for instance, it would move and then freeze and we’d have to close the app and restart it to make it move again. Some reviews on the seller page mentioned that some routers do not do well with it, this may be the issue with ours, but we cannot be sure.

Question 5: Does it come with a free app and free service?

app view snugcam

This cam did come with a free app easily found on the Apple app store as, SnugCam. There were no hidden fees, and the app never has crashed or had any issues. It has a lot of settings and is easy to use.

Question 6: Does it record video?

This camera records to an SD media card, but you can also make small recordings or take a photo within the app itself as well. It does not come with the SD card.

Question 7: Does the camera have night vision, if so, how is it?

indoor night shot snug cam

night vision snug cam image


Night vision was very good, very high quality for this camera. Also, there’s a few settings that you can tweak if needed to make the view better. Images shown above are a bit dark looking, they looked better live on the screen. 

Question 8: How is the video quality?

image view of alert snug cam

The video quality on this baby camera monitor was excellent. Very vivid colors during the day, and at night the night vision was just as nice in black and white. Crisp, clear, and no issues with the quality at all.

Question 9: How is the audio quality?

options on image microphone snug cam

As for the audio, the Snug monitor has a button you click on while you’re viewing the image, it’s a small icon of a microphone. Once activated you can listen in, or click again to actually talk and have the person (baby) on the other end hear your voice. The quality isn’t fantastic so you may scare baby if you talk through it, it’s just a bit electronic sounding, not horrible.

We couldn’t hear things very well through it, and that’s certainly an issue. We had to put our ear right up to the phone to be able to hear our baby (she’s 22 but still a good baby girl in helping us with the review). She talked next to the camera, about 3 feet from it, and we really had to strain to hear what she was saying.

A ‘however’ to this would be that the audio sensitivity alarm was very sensitive and picked up any sound and alerted us to that sound so if you simply want to know if the child is making noise this camera will still do the trick.

Question 10: How are the reviews?

You should of course always read reviews on the camera once you have found one that matches all the rest of the criteria, and since you’re reading this one, you already know that…Good job! We too went and looked through the Amazon reviews on the Snug Baby Monitor and found that it had 4 out of 5 stars (at this time it has 99 customer reviews). With 4 good stars we found very few complaints, but we should note that many of them were reviews given by people that got the camera for free. Can that sway their opinion? It can of course, so it’s often difficult to go solely based on those.

Due to this, we read those and others and concluded that overall people had a better experience than we did with the camera. Some experienced issues with setup, wireless settings etc, but we found few that said anything about the issues we experienced (being able to move and control the camera without any trouble or delay and the sound being hard to pick up on).

Could that mean that it’s just us having trouble? Certainly it could, or of course it may be that some just didn’t report these issues.

Final Opinion:

picture from camera snugcam

The Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones and Tablets is certainly a good, high resolution camera for the price. The current price is $69.95 on Amazon, and that’s about $40 less than most cameras similar to it. For most it appears to work flawlessly and so it’s not of much risk if you do encounter the few issues that we had.

Although the issues were few, the problem of not being to move the camera remotely through our phone was irritating. We installed the camera indoors and out, however you should know that it’s not an outdoor camera we just tested it in both ways as we wanted to see how it held up outdoors and under our eaves and it did very well (connectivity did lower of course, but we experienced the same issue indoor and out). The other issue of sound quality may also relate to whatever connectivity problem we must be having with it, and since that may be due to the router and that it appears to work with most routers, we still recommend it as a good baby cam.

With those being the only issues we had, we think that it’s worth it, especially due to the great price. If it doesn’t work well with your router you can get a refund. So, we recommend trying it out, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

Have a baby cam you want us to check out further for you, or another product? Comment below or email us at and we’ll see what we can do!