The Fine Line Of SMS Advertising And Messaging

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The Fine Line Of SMS Advertising And Messaging

Mobile marketing can border on spam, so it's crucial to approach it in the right manner.

When you think of mobile marketing campaigns, tweets, apps and optimized websites probably come to mind. However, a technology that existed long before smartphones can be an integral component of a well-planned mobile marketing campaign. Effective use of SMS messages delivered to a subscriber list can help drive engagement and increase your conversion rate of Web visitors. Simply texting links or exclamation points to potential customers is not enough as it often seems spammy. Some ways to avoid wasting your money and your customers’ time include:

A Simple Plan to Action Using Text Messages

The beautiful thing about text messaging is its simplicity. There is no need for clutter, hashtags, or any other typical digital marketing fluff. Make sure your scheduled texts have a simple message and call to action, along with appropriate links, codes or phone numbers. A text message sent to your subscribers can be a simple way to increase visits to your mobile page and to drive up your conversion rate when used effectively. One free app called Textot, can help you in this area. It allows you to type up your text and then schedule it to be sent later; and later can be days, weeks, months and even years. You can find more professional iOS apps here.

Links Optimized for Mobile

If you send a message to subscribers with a link to your website, it had better redirect to your page optimized for mobile. Nobody wants to wait for your regular webpage to load on their iPhone, only to zoom in on a tiny advertisement on the handheld screen. This mistake will cause major customer frustration and could result in poor word of mouth for your company. Test each of your webpages to ensure they redirect to your mobile site before sending links to your customers. Doing so will save both you and your consumer base a potentially large headache. Tie your SMS efforts to other mobile marketing techniques, such as email and social media, to unify your message.

Target Apple Users

Apple has built its entire marketing persona around being on the leading edge of technology and its brand advocates behave similarly. Overwhelmingly, iPhone users are more likely to subscribe to SMS campaigns, totaling 50 percent of consumers who do so. Be sure all links and outside content are compatible with iOS and do not feature Flash content, as Apple products do not support it. Keep strong, compelling content central to your campaign as well. Nobody likes feeling like their time has been wasted and this is especially true for the average Apple user, who values informative, compelling content. Interesting multimedia features are more likely to be shared with your customers’ peers and can lead to the viral hit every marketer strives for.

Revise and Plan

Once you’ve conducted most of your SMS marketing campaign, compare your metrics to those of other digital campaigns. If you saw a high subscriber drop off or low conversion rates, review your messages: did the offers not provide a large-enough incentive or was your delivery flawed? If you saw great successes and new subscribers after you sent out a particularly memorable multimedia message, figure out what made it work so well.

It can be easy to forget that our cellphones can send and receive text messages when they are so frequently used to surf the Web and check emails. Implementing SMS into your mobile marketing plan can result in strong customer feedback and better sales. Explore ways to include SMS with your next multimedia campaign to build your advertising message across several mobile channels.

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