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Skyrim Dawnguard- Review


Skyrim Dawnguard- Review

Okay Skyrim fans- next week we will be seeing the official release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s downloadable expansion, Skyrim Dawnguard. Just when we thought that the map boundaries were never ending, Bethesda gaming is giving us a few extra miles to explore.

So, this isn’t your average expansion- Bethesda has really stepped it up with Skyrim Dawnguard, we are going to be seeing a vast array of new content. They’ve got new shouts, new quests, new opponents, new perks and a whole heck of a lot more story.  Basically Bethesda has decided to make another Elder Scrolls games and label it as a “downloadable expansion pack.”

What We Will Be Seeing

The expansion is focused around a main story line involving a new vampire, Lord Harkon, who with his clan is trying to steal the Elder Scrolls and use them to blot out the sun forever. But, as usual, a group of vampire hunters known as the Dawnguards have decided to step up to bat and stop Lord Harkon and his fellow vampire lords. Then on top of that we get to travel to a place called the Soul Cairn, a plane of oblivion in which we meet many new foe and an undead dragon. You, as the player get to choose which side you want to be on. Leaving the ultimate choice of good versus evil in your hands.

That brings us to our next subject. New creatures and new transformations.

As you may have noticed, earlier I mentioned vampire lords.  This is something that as a player you can choose to transform into. Also, like any other transformation, you get to go head to head with some too, as opponents.  When transformed into a vampire lord you are given a pretty cool list of abilities.

What kind of abilities you say? Well you can fly, for one. Also, while in your vampire lord state, your stats go up 50 points, you get to detect all creatures (living or dead) and you have the ability to summon gargoyles to aid in battle.  But really, that is just a dip into the pool of abilities you get.

While in the Soul Cairn, we get to encounter an array of new creatures we have yet to see in the world of Skyrim. We will be seeing death hounds, bonemen and boneyard keepers (undead warriors sheathed in dragon bone armor carrying exclusive weapons found in the Soul Cairn), all essentially guardians of Soul Cairn who really don’t want you there and just want to kill you.

New Content We get to Play With

Okay, enough of all the cool stuff we will just be seeing in the Skyrim Dawnguard expansion. What kind of new things do we get to kill stuff with? That’s the question on everyone’s mind and I’m here to give you a tid bit of what you will be getting.

The new Skyrim expansion is literally begging players to step right up and pluck a new weapon from its inventory. They’ve got new shouts, new weapons, and we finally will be able to slay some bandits from horseback.  Sounds like the Skyrim gods at Bethesda have been listening to us after all.

We will be seeing the addition of dragon bone weapons (finally a reason to keep all those heavy bones, after you’ve already made the armor) that will prove to be stronger then daedric weaponry. Salivating at the mouth for more already? Well keep reading, it only gets better from here.

For all of those players out there who like the long range attack that archery makes, but hates how slow it can be, Bethesda just made life a little easier for you. Skyrim Dawnguard will be seeing the introduction of crossbow weaponry. Crossbows, Dragonbone weaponry? What more could we possibly need? Oh wait, new shouts. We can always use new shouts. So far, there are 3 we know of for sure; here they are broken down for you:

  • The Soul Tear– Literally rips the soul of your opponent from its body. Woah.
  • Summon Durnehviir– Calls upon the undead dragon Durnehviir from the Soul Cairn itself.
  • Drain Vitality– Suck the magical and mortal energies right out of the sorry sap that chose to mess with you.

On top of those physical attacks, we also get to see the addition of perks for werewolves and vampires. Allowing you to improve both transformations, and become a bigger and badder creature of the night.

Honestly though, words can’t really describe the epicness of Skyrim Dawnguard and what it has to add to the wonderful world of Skyrim.  Available on Windows, PS and Xbox. To keep you on the edge of your seat and drooling onto the floor, check out the game trailer. Like this review? We have more, check out the review of Spec Ops: The Line


Great graphics and immersive details
Good story line


Player control are difficult
Not a significant improvement