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Skylock – A Keyless, Wireless Bike Lock With Theft Alert


Skylock – A Keyless, Wireless Bike Lock With Theft Alert

Bicycle commuting is quickly growing as gas prices rise and we become more and more conscious about the environment, but bike safety is always a concern. Most of us spend money on bicycle chains and locks that we then have to use either a key or a combination code to remove. Unfortunately, bikes with keys still go missing, as a determined thief only has to use bolt cutters, or simply carry the bike away. Skylock is a new technology aimed at solving all of these problems by offering keyless, wireless locking with theft alert and crash alert. It’s also solar powered, so you won’t have to worry about charging it. What’s the catch? At $250, it is pricey, but well worth it for those who use their bike lock every day, especially considering that standard U-locks can cost between $15-$75 without technology.

What is SkyLock


While SkyLock sounds like something you might use to protect your cloud data, it’s very much a bicycle U-lock with a bit of added technology. The U-Lock features Bluetooth which connects to as many phones or devices as you want via a compatible app. The app allows you to wirelessly lock the bicycle, and then it automatically unlocks when you approach the bike. Then, all you have to do is take the Skylock off, put it away, and be on your way. You can choose proximity unlock or to unlock it by tapping a button on the app, if you’re concerned about someone stealing your bike as soon as you approach it.

Safety Features


The lock itself features a 3-Axis accelerometer which allows it to double as a crash detector. When it detects a crash, you have the option of it contacting your emergency contacts with your information and location using the mobile app. You can disable this if you’re fine and can press the phone within a few minutes of the crash, otherwise it will call for help.


The accelerometer built into the Skylock also allows it to work as an anti-theft device. When someone moves your bike and the accelerometer detects motion while it is locked, it will set off an alert, warning you that someone is tampering with your bike. This allows you to check on it or call the police.

Share Your Bike


Skylock allows you to set up the lock with multiple phones so you can share the bicycle with your friends and family if you like. This allows you to set up people who would normally use the bike with the app, so that they don’t have to borrow your phone to access it.

Phone Free Access

If your phone battery dies, you forgot your phone, or you don’t want to bring it, Skylock also features a touchpad for accessing the lock without your phone. Simply press your code into the side and it unlocks.

Solar Powered


As if a digital bike lock wasn’t cool enough, the SkyLock also includes LifePO solar film, which allows it to charge the batteries in the sun. Velo Labs claims that 12 hours of direct sunlight is enough to charge the battery for 6 months of use, so all you have to do is leave the U-lock on the bike while you’re using it and you can easily charge the batteries. For fast charging, it also features a USB cable, so you can charge it anywhere. One full charge lasts for 6 months, but it is important to keep in mind that a dead battery will not unlock the electronic lock.


Velo Labs designed the SkyLock for security, with both digital and physical security measures. All of the data transferred to and from the app is 256-bit encrypted, which makes it difficult for hackers to access to steal your code. It also features a jack proof design, is small enough to resist most jacks, and has a 10,000 pound tensile pressure load in the dual locking mechanism. Essentially, it’s very difficult to break.

Skylock is also weather proof, water resistant, and rugged, allowing you to take it almost anywhere.

At $250 or $159 for the pre-order, SkyLock is pricey, but it does look incredibly cool for those of us who use a bike to commute.