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Sites Like 123 Movies  

Sites Like 123 Movies

123 Movies is one of the most popular movie streaming sites on the web, and with hundreds of thousands of free movies and TV shows that makes sense. However, if you use it, you’ll likely quickly notice that 123 movies is not legit. By streaming media from it, you are actively engaging in media piracy, which could result in severe legal repercussions.  

Luckily, there are numerous legal sites like 123 Movies you can watch without breaking the law.  

123 Movies Alternatives

123 Movies is part of a network of sites owned by GoMovies and TVStreamCMS. These 123 Movies alternatives include websites like FMovies, XMovies, GoMovies, SolarMovie, SockShare, GoStream, and many more. Any movies you find on these sites are streamed from sites that do not use licensing, meaning that you can get in trouble for using them.  

This is also true for other sites like 123 Movies such as ItsHD, Ranierland, Niter, Vex Movies, IOnlineMovies, PrimeWire, LetMeWatchThis, IChannel, and Watch.Free. While popular as 123 Movies alternatives and often hosted by the same people, they also stream pirated content.  

So, Where Can You Watch Free Movies Legally?

There are plenty of places you can go to watch free movies legally. However, you might not be entirely happy with a subscription. For example, most legitimately free movie streaming sites have issues, the most common being that they don’t have any new movies. You’ll have to content yourself with watching very old media, typically 70 years or older, or a very specific set of copyright free movies and TV. 

Or, in the case of free movie streaming sites like, you can view a very specific movie library from one movie producer (Sony in this case). Sites like Crackle offer enough free content to keep you entertained for a while, but they won’t compare to the massive libraries of sites like 123 Movies.  

Check out our top 7 legit free movie streaming sites here.  

Premium Subscriptions

Eventually, premium subscriptions are the only way to get the large library and content of illegal streaming sites. While most of us don’t like the thought of adding on new subscriptions, producers like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu each have thousands of viewing options, set alongside their own content. And, following the footsteps of Netflix, nearly every major movie streaming site is producing their own high-quality content – often at a faster pace than most traditional television.  

More importantly, you don’t have to invest to find out if you like them. Nearly all of the big movie streaming sites (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Sling) offer a 2-week free trial. This remains true with smaller online streaming sites like Starz and Fox. If you’re on a low budget, 2 weeks of every available option will give you close to a quarter of a year of free streaming, and possibly longer.  

Unfortunately, the only websites that are really like 123 Movies share the same caveat. They’re illegal and you could get in trouble with the law. However, with the wide availability of affordable movie site subscriptions (most start at $99 per year) you can easily swap out illegal streaming for higher quality legal streaming. While you won’t get quite as many movies and no cam rips or other pirated content, you will get other perks like HD streaming, compatibility with your TV apps and software, and customer support when things go wrong.  

Good luck finding something to watch.

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