The Siren Song Alarm

Is The Siren Song Alarm a Scam or a Legitimate Personal Safety Device?

If you’ve seen some recent Facebook ads for personal alarms you’ve probably seen similar headlines as well, such as “child nearly snatched while walking to school…..”, and then the following is often added to them…. “He got away though thanks to his mother putting a personal alarm on his backpack. The alarm went off as the backpack pulled away from him and the loud noise scared the perpetrator away.”

These headlines may sound familiar because they are similar to those used in advertisements made by Siren Song keychain alarm, but is it really a good personal safety alarm, are their testimonials truthful, or is the Siren Song alarm a scam?

These headlines could be true, they do happen often enough in our world, but I must admit that these particular ones are not. I just made them up, much like some of the ads that these alarm companies are making up. What they are doing is profiting on fear. Fear is a great marketing tactic, and advertisers know it and they use it. In fact, I’m writing this review now because I just saw a Siren Song keychain alarm ad using such a tactic on Facebook.

What is the Siren Song Keychain Alarm?

The advertisement’s claim is that their product is a small, but loud, 130 decibel alarm that will attach to your purse or backpack. The object it’s attached to is pulled from you, a pin falls away and the very loud alarm goes off. They also say in the advertisement that it comes with a bright LED light.

This video begins with the reporter reporting a kidnapping of a child, child gets away by twisting away, not by having any alarm. Suddenly the video is edited by the Siren Song alarm company to state statistics that may or may not be true but are certainly used for fear and to get you to buy their item.

This video begins with the reporter reading a story about the kidnapping of a child, who gets away by twisting away and not by having any alarm. Suddenly the video is edited by the Siren Song alarm company to state statistics that may or may not be true but are certainly used for fear and to get you to buy their item.

Siren Song keychain alarm also claims in some ads that it was created by an ex-cop, I could find no proof of this. It says on its site that it was created after similar alarms were used by those in the military, and again, I can find no proof of what exact device they’re speaking of

In fact, the image they share saying it was created by an ex-cop is using a video from a popular journalist that has absolutely nothing to do with their product, yet it begins with her sharing a story of a kidnapping of a child and then they edited the video into an advertisement of their product. It sells for $39.95 each but offers discounts for buying in bulk.

siren song alarm bbb

Sold by a company by the same name, Siren Song, a Google search shows that this company is located in San Diego, CA and goes by the name Caellum LLC.

Searching the Better Business Bureau for Siren Song, I could find no listing under Calleum but did find an ‘F‘ rating under Siren Song and a lot of complaints.

*At the bottom of this article is a link for filing a claim against this company if you have been a victim of theirs. Also, you can click on the BBB link and file a complaint with them.

Basically, every ad I saw used fear to get people to purchase this item. How did they use fear to promote it? The particular advertisement that I saw by Siren Song uses fear by showing a young woman walking alone in a parking lot and suddenly she is grabbed, but thanks to her Siren Song Alarm going off loudly she’s let loose and all is good with the world. On their website they even give her testimonial and use a name, so this must be a really great product, it saved a woman’s life, right? Or did it?

I decided to read the comments and do some investigating. I always read the comments, they’re even better than anything the article or advertisement can tell you.

What Do Those That Purchased Siren Song Alarm Say About it?

siren song reviews on amazon

The comments on the Siren Song alarm Facebook advertisement (see my screenshots in the photo gallery) were a mix of “OMG, I must have one! How do I order? How much is it? I am sending it to all my grandchildren!” to “Where is my Siren Song Alarm? I never got it and it’s been 3 months!” or “I got my alarm, it’s horrible, doesn’t work, isn’t loud and then you charged me some recurring fee every month!”

batteries not included siren song

Many complaints say batteries indeed do not come with it and are not a common or inexpensive battery to use or purchase. They also say that trying to insert the batteries causes the entire thing to fall apart.

More complaints were found on their Facebook page under their posts as well as on their Amazon seller page. These were some of the same as on the advertisement but also included complaints about the product not working properly, the fact that it comes with no instructions, some getting no batteries and finding that they’re a separate purchase, the alarm they got looked nothing like the one in the advertisement and that it included no LED light as advertised and of course more about being overcharged, and getting recurring charges. A reply from Siren Song says about the product looking different and including no LED light states that they changed the design and this is the newer version.

*Click Here to See a Photo Gallery of Complaints About Siren Song Alarms

Is The Siren Song Alarm a Scam?

Checking Google for ‘Siren Song Alarm Scams’, we found multiple postings on various scam and complaint websites.

The complaints were similar to those found on their Amazon and Facebook reviews and stated that they either never got the product and yet were charged, that they got it but it didn’t work, that it didn’t come with batteries and were told they had to purchase the special batteries separately, it wasn’t loud at all, it broke within the first use, it went off at random times and caused great embarrassment, they got charged repeatedly or they were getting some kind of recurring charge that they had to dispute with their credit card. The recurring charge is some sort of subscription and is usually around $8.95, no one has yet said what the subscription or membership is for and we couldn’t find further information either.

siren song scam

The company replies to those complaints with a, “please call us.” However, many reply back by saying things like …. we’ve already messaged or called and no one answers, or I’m told that if I wish to return the broken, non-working device I’ll have to pay a 33% restocking fee. Their Facebook page has not had a post in months, likely due to mostly negative comments.

siren song alarm scam

A Look at the Siren Song Keychain Alarm Website

A look into their website tells you a lot about whether the Siren Song Alarm is a scam or it it’s legit. When you go to their website, and even on Facebook ads, they tell you that the woman they depict in their advertisement is a woman named Jennifer Dellert, and that she was using their product when she was accosted in a parking lot and thanks to Siren Song going off, it saved her life. Since then she bought four more and put them on her children’s backpacks.

siren song ad

This image says “Siren Song” but exact same captions, personal account and imagery is used for Nano Banshee alarm.

Then you read all sorts of comments on the page, screenshots and not current comments, claiming to love the product and how it helped them as well. Oddly enough though if you Google Jennifer Dellert you’ll find she’s also been saved by another alarm called Nano Banshee. She’s one lucky lady to be saved by two safety alarms while shopping!

nano banshee ad

This image says “Nano Banshee” but exact same captions, personal account and imagery is used for Siren Song alarm. *Image above of Siren Song advertisement

Actually, she isn’t. The claim that this happened to someone named Jennifer Dellert is false, and the images and comments used on both pages are the same. They simply traded out some pics and captions with the Nano Banshee alarm for the Siren Song alarm. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page of the Nano Banshee page, very bottom, you’ll find proof that this story is not true. At least one page admits it, I suppose.


warning on siren song website

Lastly, as to their website, while researching I got this alert when trying to go to the link they give to purchase the item, GetSirenSong. They recommend purchasing the item through Amazon on their Facebook ad, likely due to this safety alert being given. This red alert was a warning given on my iMac saying the site I was going to was not safe and I did not go forward to the site.

Is The Siren Song Total Rubbish?

siren song reviews on amazon rating

A search on Google will indeed turn up some positive reviews of Siren Song Alarm, however, these reviews look as if they were paid for by the company. Most of the wording is similar in each review, which is one giveaway that it was paid for, and the encouragement to purchase this alarm even though no one from the website had tested or tried it themselves, nor done any research (which we know since research would indeed turn up a problem) means that the review is garbage. No good or honorable website would ever recommend such a product to their reader to purchase.

As for if it works? This alarm may indeed work, a few commenters on their Facebook page say it worked and they liked it. We cannot say it will or won’t for sure as we have not tested it ourselves and can only go by what we’ve read as far as reviews and complaints go. Therefore, we warn you to err on the side of caution and be careful if you do decide to purchase one. Use a credit card that you can afford any erroneous charges to and that is easy to dispute any wrong charges that may appear later or that will help you return the item if it doesn’t work.

There are many other small alarms out there, many that are quite loud and function similarly to the way this one is advertised so don’t feel that you have to purchase this one or none at all. At the top of this article, we have a link to a list of the top personal safety alarms to help you find the right one for you.

If you purchased the Siren Song alarm, or tried to, please comment below so that others won’t fall victim to this as well. I read many upset posts that said “why isn’t anyone doing anything” and “why isn’t anyone listening?”. Well, I am listening and I am trying to do something but I can only do so much by myself. It takes you to prove that this company did something wrong, so please speak up and warn others. Don’t let them get away with this, it’s up to people like us to speak up when we see something wrong and this is our way to do it. Speak up with me and tell others your story, and thank you to those that did post, it’s because of you I decided to write this.

If you are a victim of this company, you can file a complaint here with the government’s anti-fraud / internet scam division.

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