A Look Inside The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack

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A Look Inside The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack

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What We Can Expect to Find in the Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack

You have to hand it to EA. They certainly know how to continue to get money out of their franchises, and none of their games exemplify this better than the Sims 3. The Sims 3 has had a very long run since it first debuted, and part of the reason for the longevity of the game is the steady stream of expansion packs. The expansions have given players a lot of different choices to make Sims gameplay more fun; from traveling around the world to supernatural elements. However, the one thing fans have been asking for since the game first came out is changing seasons. Fans are now getting their wish with a Sims Seasons Expansion Pack.

What Will be Included in Sims Seasons 

One of the new features of the seasons expansion pack is obviously, changing weather. With the changing weather comes new weather based traits such as “lovesthe cold / heat”. The traits will give the characters different benefits that are sure to have Sims fans more than pleased. Along with the new traits are new outfits that you can dress your Sims with. You have access to things like raincoats, swimwear and all that good stuff. Another gameplay addition that has many fans excited is the ability to play new sports such as soccer and the ability to swim in the ocean.

Alien Abduction?  

One of the stranger additions to the expansion packs is apparently alien abduction. This was another feature many fans were looking to have and while it seems everyone doubts aliens will actually be included, the teaser trailer does hint heavily towards the inclusion. This would make sense given that aliens were part of a Sims 2 expansion pack after all.

Enjoy the Festivities 

With the advent of seasons also comes the addition of holidays. While there are not explicitly named holidays in the expansion, there are festivals and such to go along with them. The festivals have unique activities that the Sims can partake in such as pumpkin carving, hot dog eating contests and other things like that which are typically associated with holidays. It goes a long way towards making the Sims experience more like real life (at least as real as it gets with the Sims).

Coming Soon?

A chief complaint that fans of the series have long had is that the inclusion of seasons should have been part of the main game to begin with. It would be very easy to be cynical and say that EA could have released a full version of the game without all of the expansions, and that they are just releasing the expansions to make more money. However, you cannot fault them for creating a business model that seems to be working out very well for them. After all, the same fans that are complaining are also lining up to buy them all.

There are two editions of the expansion pack, a limited edition and a regular edition. The limited edition will come with exclusive items that you can only get on the limited edition pack. It was announced at the beginning of August that the Seasons expansion pack for Sims will be released on November 15.

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