The Sims 3 Hunger Games Challenge: A Whole New Fun Way to Kill Off Your Sims

The Sims 3 Hunger Games Challenge:

A whole new fun way to kill off your Sims

I’m a complete Sims 3 fan. I own just about every expansion (though not all of the stuff packs), and I try to get regular play time in just about once a week. One of the most fun things about playing The Sims 3 is the community. Maxis and EA have really worked hard at fostering an open, creative community when it comes to this particular game, and it has really worked.

Hang out on the forums for awhile and you’ll find new and interesting characters, lots, worlds, and clothing all created by Simmers (as we affectionately call ourselves). One of the best things about the forums and creative community is finding new and interesting ways to play the game.

If you’ve played The Sims for any length of time, you’ve experienced the somewhat sadistic fun of killing off a character that you’ve created. These days, it’s not as easy as it used to be – Sims can now jump out of a pool even if the ladder’s been removed, though the old-fashioned room without a door still works. It seems that the creators of the game have taken notice of the mean streak that seems to be inherent in The Sims players, because they keep coming up with new ways to kill off Sims. In the latest expansion, Island Paradise, Sims can now be attacked by sharks, or even have a run in with the Kraken:

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For me, though, there’s nothing quite like creating an excellent story to kill off my Sims. You can imagine my delight, then, when I came across The Hunger Games Challenge videos created by KPopp on YouTube. This seemed like an excellent way to be able to create a story and kill off some Sims at the same time. The challenge is run a bit like a reality TV series – you create eight unique Sims and have them live in a house together.

They’re competing with each other for the right to survive, and the last one standing wins. It’s really good fun, and you can create your Sims in any way you wish. While KPopp enjoyed creating Sim versions of famous celebrities, I prefer to randomize my Sims using the Sims 3 create-a-Sim tool. I find you can get an interesting mix of personalities this way.

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The Rules

Sim Creation:

There are very few rules in The Hunger Games challenge, but they are important. The first come in when you’re creating your Sims for the challenge. No Sim should be allowed to have the lucky or clumsy traits, and unlucky Sims should be avoided as well. Lucky Sims will clumsy Sims have an unfair advantage in the game – they are far less likely to die when completing their challenges. The Grim Reaper has even been known to save clumsy or unlucky Sims from death just for laughs. Any other personality traits are fair game, though.


The Hunger Games Challenge revolves around food, as you might expect. Eight Sims live in a house together, and once per day (at the same time every day) one Sim will be allowed to cook a single group meal for the household. The rest of the time, Sims must be locked out of the kitchen so they can’t snack whenever they want. Some Simmers even like to limit the number of plates set out to three – the first three Sims to reach the food are the ones who get to eat. As the number of Sims dwindled, the amount of food is also reduced.


Once you’ve created your group and put them in the house, the rule is simple: hands off. Just sit back an watch the magic happen. This can be fun, especially if you’re a storyteller, and enjoy giving your Sims emotions and personalities, and creating stories about their independent actions. If you treat this challenge like watching a reality TV show, you can often interpret the Sims’ actions to be strategic moves in order to win the game.

The Lot

The Sims 3 Hunger Games Challenge can be played on any lot you choose, but I’ve found that it’s best to start with one of the larger lots. You’ll need a few definite things, and there are some optional additions you may want to have in your game as well. Here’s the lot my Sims play the challenge on:


There’s the main house, which has 2 bedrooms with double beds (so only one Sim at a time can sleep in them unless they’re good friends) and a basic living room, kitchen, and small work out room. I’ve put a door on the kitchen to lock the Sims out. Attached to the main house is the “loser room,” where Sims spend 12 hours after losing a challenge. There is nothing in that room at all. There is also a reward house, and the challenge room, as well as some things for the Sims to have fun when they’re not competing, such as the soccer goal and pool. At the back of the lot is the graveyard.

The Challenges

For my version of this game, I have my Sims compete in two different types of challenges. There are the Death challenges, and the reward/punishment challenges. Before doing either, you’ll need to turn free will completely off so that the Sims will continue competing instead of canceling the action out due to mood, etc.

The Reward House


For these challenges, I have the Sims compete in a variety of activities. This might be an apple bobbing contest, a logic tournament using either the chess or dominoes tables, or a breath-holding face off in the pool. I create a winner/losers bracket and have the Sims face off against each other for this. Often, their mood is so low that these challenges will require the use of cheat codes to get the Sims to participate, but you can always place their stats back to the way they were once the challenge is finished.

The winner gets to spend the night in the reward house, which has it’s own bed, a full kitchen, and usually a hot tub. This gives the winning Sim an excellent mood boost for the next day’s death challenge. The loser has to spend the night locked in the loser’s room – which contains nothing at all. If they survive the night, they’re at a serious disadvantage for the next day.



The Death Challenge Room

Death Challenge

I’ve seen these done a number of ways, but my personal favorite for the death challenge is the magic jelly bean bush from The Sims: Supernatural expansion pack. Two rows of four of these bushes are lined up in the challenge room, and for the challenge I have my Sims line up one to a bush and eat magic jelly beans until someone gets the death bean. This is a great way to do the challenge, because the beans provide a number of both good and bad effects. In some cases a Sim may get their hunger filled, or have a pleasantly warm yellow glow for a few hours.

In other cases, they may receive a bean that makes them uncomfortably itchy, or that is so spicy they breathe fire. In some cases, a bean may actually catch them on fire, in which case, I turn free will back on to see if they put themselves out. If they don’t, that counts as the death for the challenge.

It may sound horribly sadistic, but so far, this is my favorite way to play The Sims. Having so many different personalities interacting freely with each other in one house where resources are limited can make the game very interesting. When creating my Sims I let the game roll their personalities completely randomly, which results in some interesting household mixes. It’s especially fun when you get a few neurotic, inappropriate, or insane Sims together in the house.

The Sims 3 Hunger Games Challenge is a great way to live up your Sims 3 experience if you’ve gotten a bit bored with creating the various styles of family and playing them through. I’m usually a legacy player myself, but I find this challenge to be a refreshing break from that style of gameplay. Many thanks to KPopp and her videos for introducing me to this Sims 3 Challenge!

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