What is The SEO Hero Contest by Wix

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What is The SEO Hero Contest by Wix

What is The SEO HERO Contest by Wix

Update: 3.22.17: This contest is now over.

Wix, the DIY website building company, is running a global contest with a grand prize of $50,000 to prove that their software development platform is stellar at SEO. Anyone is welcome to design a site and join the competition — the winner will simply have to beat Wix’s own website by earning Google’s top search ranking for the term “SEO Hero” by March 16, 2017.

Wix, which counts millions of small businesses among its users, says they decided to launch the competition after facing persistent rumors that sites created on their sleek, simple-to-use platform ended up performing poorly in terms of SEO. The claim is simply not true, Wix says, because as is well known in the world of SEO, the key to a site ranking well is optimizing it properly. That means proper on-page optimization, well-researched keywords, and specific page titles. The platform that a site runs on, Wix says, makes no difference if a site’s designer understands the fundamentals of SEO — something anyone can learn.

Another crucial element for a website’s SEO is to provide high quality, valuable content to its readers. This competition is about SEO, which means that the content on competing sites will heavily focus on the topic and offer great insights and tips.

Thanks to the competition, we’re getting access to great content about SEO. The sites that competitors are creating are packed with just the kind of high quality, valuable text that boosts search rankings, which means that thanks to the competition, Wix has actually created an amazing opportunity for SEOs and web designers to gain valuable SEO knowledge and tips and tricks from experts.

SEO’s are going all out for the competition, offering real tips and tricks that they use, and drawing from their own experience as professional SEO’s.

We came across a few great websites that are running in the competition, but this one is a real standout: http://www.wix-seo-expert.com/

It’s packed with awesome tips, including a simple, step-by-step guide to optimizing your website that any web designer can learn from.

Here are the site’s top tips to becoming an “SEO Hero”:


  1. Find out what you want to be found for (keyword phrase)
  2. Optimize pages’ Titles, meta tags and alt tags
  3. Write and create ORIGINAL content on your website about the keyword phrase
  4. Socialize on social media and get the online world to reference your website


The site offers several additional resources. There’s a user forum for questions, and there are the current SEO rankings for the term SEO Hero — a user can scroll through the rankings and immediately get access to a great listing of related sites that are similarly packed with information.

The resource list in the navigation bar is particularly info-rich; here the site’s designer laid out some of his personal favorites in terms of SEO tools. These include Google Keyword Planner, and the Chrome extensions seoquake and datanyze.

The blog is also full of quality articles. A few titles on the blog include “Why do people still hire web designers when there are website builders out there such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress?” and “Top 2017 SEO Tips” (the top four include: 1) make sure you site is mobile-friendly because Google will rank you higher if you are; 2) make sure your site is user-friendly so users can find what they are looking for without hassle; 3) build good landing pages with new and relevant copy, using your top keywords in the page title and in the first 100 words in the page’s text; and 4) get rid of the obnoxious pop-ups – Google is starting to penalize sites that utilize them.)

No business can survive without SEO. It can be the difference between failure and thriving, so any business looking to sharpen their own SEO should take advantage of Wix’s contest by checking out the SEO Hero competitions entries. They’re giving away hundreds of valuable tips for free, so take a look, take notes and then take advantage of what you’ve learned by applying them to your own website.

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