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SensatioNail Gel Manicure Kit


SensatioNail by Nailene has released a gel nail manicure system, for home use, that lasts up to 2 weeks. The new technology in the SensatioNail system mimics those that have been used by professional manicurists for several years. I purchased mine from Amazon for around $50. The systems comes with an LED lamp, a high quality colored gel nail polish, a clear coat for use as both the Gel Base & Top Coat, a Gel Primer, Lint Free Wipes, a nail buffer and file, cleaning solution and a manicure stick.

The system is easy to use and anyone who can apply a coat of polish relatively neatly should be able to accomplish a gel manicure at home and for a fraction of the price that is would cost in a nail salon. Additional colors of gel polish are available at a cost of about $10 per bottle. The refill kits for the other supplies in the kit are available for about $20 each.

SensatioNail Starter Kit

The Step-by-Step Guide for SensatioNail

The manicure begins with the removal of any polish that may be lingering from a previous manicure. The following step by step guide will prepare your nails for their SensatioNail gel nail polish manicure.

Nail Preparation

  • Carefully push back the cuticle of each nail and ensure that the area is clean.
  • File the free edges of all nails into the shape desired.
  • Using the pink side of the buffer that was provided in the kit, remove the shine from your natural nail.
  • Using the lint free pads to wipe each nail with the cleaning solution to remove all dust and debris. (This is an important step to insure the polish adheres properly.)

Gel Polish Application

Your nails are now clean and free of any debris, so you are ready to start your manicure. In a well ventilated area, plug in your LED Lamp and arrange all of your supplies within easy reach.

  • Apply the Gel Primer – It is best to apply this sparingly and in a circular shape around the nail edge. This is to ensure that the edges of the polish adhere to the nail bed. For easier removal of the polish, it is necessary to not cover the middle of the nail bed. This should be air dried for about 30 seconds after application.
  • Apply a Thin Coat – Using the supplied gel base & top coat, avoid the cuticle and the skin on either side of the nail bed. Be mindful of applying the polish to the free edge of the nail to seal it. Cure the polish for 30 second using the LED Lamp from your kit.
  • Mix the Color Gel Polish – Shake the colored gel nail polish vigorously for 30 seconds.
  • Apply the First Layer – Make the first layer of the colored gel polish very thin. Again, avoid the cuticle and skin areas.
  • Use LED Lamp – Cure the 1st layer of polish for 60 seconds using the LED lamp from your SensatioNail kit.
  • Apply the Second Layer – Apply the second thin layer of the colored gel nail polish
  • Use LED Lamp – Cure the 2nd layer of polish for 60 seconds.
  • Apply the Gel Base & Top Coat – Again, carefully apply a thin layer.
  • Use LED Lamp – Cure the Gel Base & Top Coat for 60 seconds.
  • Clean Up – Using your Gel Cleanser and the Lint-Free Wipes, carefully wipe off any residue from the top of your manicured nails.

You’ve just finished getting a gel polish manicure with SensatioNail, without the salon. The manicure should last without chips or dulling of the nails for 2 full weeks.

The Removal Process

At the end of the 2 week period, buff the shine from the nails using the grey side of the supplied buffer. Soak the manicured nails in acetone for about 15 minutes. The acetone may be placed in a glass bowl that sits in a larger bowl that holds hot water. The hot water in the larger bowl will warm the acetone and help to quicken the removal of the gel polish. Gently remove the gel as it softens. This is best accomplished in increments. Use the manicure stick to scrape the loosened gel but be mindful of doing no damage to your natural nails.

When the gel polish is removed, you can begin the preparation for applying your new application of SensatioNail.

A Word of Caution

SensatioNail does contain chemicals that some people are sensitive to. Care should be taken to avoid contact with the cuticles and the skin to prevent sensitivity from occurring due to prolonged contact with these chemicals. This is true of anything that you would have done in a nail salon as well, so just start slow and make sure you are not super sensitive.

A Personal Note About SensatioNail

At the end of the 2 week period for my first application of SensatioNail, I am impressed with how the manicure has held up. The intense shine of the product is intact and I have not had one chip. Other than the nail growth that is evident at the cuticle and a little bit of wear at the nail tip, the manicure is still beautiful. I believe I could go another week before needing to re-apply SensatioNail.

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