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Securifi Almond + – The Router of the Future

Securifi Almond + – The Router of the Future

The Securifi Almond has been one of the most popular wireless routers and range extenders since its release several years ago, but with one minor problem. The standard model only comes with single band Wifi, and most of the rest of the world has long ago moved on to dual band. Now, Securifi is taking their Almond and upgrading it to the Almond Plus, with several improvements, including new, faster, dual band WiFi.

Securifi Almond +

What is the Securifi Almond Plus

The Securifi Almond advertises as the fastest and easiest wireless router on the market to set up, and the Plus offers that too. The Almond + features a unique touch screen with a Windows 8 base that allows you to easily select your options and get your router turned on and working the way you want it to. Using a large screen based setup rather than the small buttons most routers use ensure that you know exactly what you’re doing because it’s right there on the screen. In addition to easier setup, which advertises at an average of 3 minutes for most users, the Securifi Almond offers users easy security, and a range of new features unique to the Plus. So what does it do?

  • Gigabit WiFi (up to 5,000 square foot range)
  • Built in Smarthub for Home Automation

With the Wifi in the Securifi Almond +, you can easily stream multiple HD videos, play HD quality online games, and do pretty much whatever else you want over a very wide range. It’s also completely backwards compatible with older internet protocols, but offers the current modern standard (802.11ac).

What About Home Automation?

Securifi Almond +

You’ve probably seen several products geared towards home automation, and if you’re like most of us, loved them. Some examples of home automation include turning your thermostat up and down with your phone, or dimming or turning off your lights with a mobile app. The Securifi Almond + includes a built in smart hub that connects your WiFi capable devices to the hub so that you can easily automate those devices from your home. In fact, it comes with a free app that you can use (ZigBee and Z-Wave) which connect to WiFi capable lights and devices so that you can turn them on and off, set temperatures, and more. While you do need WiFi capable, or the ability to make your devices WiFi capable, some of the current devices available on the market include blinds, security systems, lights, thermostats, ovens, coffee pots, and more.


Essentially, the Securifi Almond + takes the basic function of connecting you to the internet and doubles that with connecting your devices, so that you get a lot more functionality from the one device. The original Securifi Almond is one of the best selling routers on the market, and the Securifi Almond + looks to be a huge improvement on pretty much every other router on the market.

In a quick recap:

  • Touch screen
  • Windows 8
  • 5,000 square foot Dual Band Gigabit WiFi
  • Home Automation
  • Built in Security


What’s the catch? It’s not actually on the market yet. Securifi ran a successful Kickstarter project in March of 2014, where they earned $850,000 of a $250,000 goal, and they are currently working on perfecting the design. The good news is that they shipped 96% of the Kickstarter models on September first, so pre-orders for the final Securifi Almond + should be available soon.