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The Scollar Smart Collar Could Make Pets Safer


The Scollar Smart Collar Could Make Pets Safer

The ASPCA lists that between 30 and 40% of all American households own a dog and a similar number own a cat. That makes up 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats, who share homes and lives with people around the USA. Unfortunately, many of these animals live in environments where they can get lost, get fleas, or otherwise suffer without their owner’s being aware of it.

Smart technology has been on the rise for some time, and smart wearables like wrist trackers and smart watches are increasingly popular. Despite that, there have been few options for pets, even those that already regularly wear a collar. The Scollar aims to change that, with a Kickstarter campaign that more than doubled their initial funding goal.

The Scollar is a smart collar for small dogs and cats with a built in tracker and smart technology, which could help with pet safety and medical health. The Kickstarter campaign ends in February 2017, and the collars are set to start shipping out in August 2017.

What is the Scollar 

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The Scollar is a smart collar equipped with GPS tracking, Bluetooth, a rechargeable battery, a buzzer, and a smart display. When combined with the app, the collar connects to offer a combination of pet tracking and smart updates, making it easy to keep your pet in shape.

GPS – The best feature on the Scollar is GPS tracking, which does not require a subscription. While Scollar hasn’t yet mentioned how they are making that work, free GPS is a great solution. Pets are lost every day, and Scollar combines geofencing with geolocation. This means that you can set up a home area and get alerts every time your pet leaves that area. You can also check their location on your phone, making it easy to find them once they’ve gotten lost. The home base also includes WiFi, so you will get indoor tracking if necessary.

RX Reminders 

Remembering pet medication and flea treatments is more difficult than it should be, but the Scollar App actually sends you alerts. This is great if your pets have medical needs or are outside and need flea medication.

Feeding Time 

Put your pet on a diet or create a stricter schedule for them with programmed feeding times. This feature isn’t as useful as the rest, but it could be.

Open Platform – The Scollar is built on an open platform, meaning that developers can create their own applications for the collar.Scollar, smart collar, smart collar for dogs, smart collar for cats

Magnetic Battery – While not quite a feature, the Scollar includes a nifty magnetic battery that simply attaches to the bottom of the collar, so you don’t have to keep replacing it. Plus, with an average of a 30 day battery life, you won’t have to take it off to charge often.

The App 

The Scollar app allows you to see your pet’s status, location, and whether or not they’ve been fed or had their meds right on your phone. It also supports multiple pets, so you can easily keep track of all your furry friends.

The app also includes pet training features, with video, progress tracking, and customized feeds.

Scollar, smart collar, smart collar for dogs, smart collar for cats

At $149, the Scollar is a great bargain for the GPS alone. While pricy as a collar, it’s perfect if your dog or cat is always getting lost. However, we would love to know how they are making free GPS work. If you want the geofencing and perimeter barriers, you’ll also have to spend almost $100 extra. We’d also like to see some features such as activity tracking, but these will likely come later.

Overall, the Scollar looks like a great smart solution for pets, especially those that frequently go outside.