How to Save Money Shopping Online Thanks to Technology!

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How to Save Money Shopping Online Thanks to Technology!

How to Save Money Shopping Online Thanks to Technology! 

By Terri Chapman

We all have technology in our lives and sometimes we don’t even think about it because we are so used to it. Over the years, technology has made advances in so many areas that it now helps us with our daily lives. There are some things technology can do that many people don’t think about, like helping us save money. Who doesn’t like to save money? Using technology to save money can be easy and fun. Why not take advantage of the ways you can save money when using technology and find out how easy it really is by following us!

We will be posting here the best freebies and discounts you can find on the internet. You can bookmark us or you can subscribe to Feedburner to get a daily email that will include the latest tech news, tech how to’s and reviews and updates from the site. You can also join our Glitches, Freebies, Coupons and Sales Group on Facebook if you want daily alerts. Along with deals, bargains, freebies and sales, we will also give you some hints and tips on how you can save money by using the internet and other tech resources. Now, let’s get started so you can start saving!

Amazon Subscribe & Save

If you shop online, you know about Amazon. Amazon has a program called Subscribe & Save that will help you save money when you shop there. The program is easy to sign up for, you can order any of the eligible products, and they will be delivered, monthly, right to your door! Never run out of things again and never forget to buy them. You pay for shipments when they ship, not before. You can change your order at any time. Eligible products from grocery, health, beauty, household, and pet supplies are available. Save on items you need with this money saving technology. If you order 5 items a month you will get the maximum discount of 15% off each item. You can set the deliveries to monthly or as far out as six months.

Perks of Amazon Subscribe & Save

  1. Choose your delivery schedule
  2. Save with the Subscribe & Save discount
  3. Pay as you go
  4. Email reminders
  5. Cancel at any time

The Coupons of Today

Gone are the days of just clipping coupons from the Sunday paper to save on groceries and other items. Yes, you can still clip those coupons but with today’s technology to save money, you have other ways of getting and using coupons too. The internet has opened up a new way to get coupons and all you need is your computer, the internet, and a printer.

There are many sites that have new coupons every month and you can easily print them and use them. No clipping required! Companies like Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have coupons for their products. At coupon sites, you just check the coupons you want and print them.

There are also mobile coupons now that you can use with your cell phone. Never worry about forgetting those coupons at home when you always have your phone. You can use your smartphone with an easy app to save with technology. Wowpons is available free at the App Store and has green coupons with no printing needed. Check the coupons available, pick the ones you want to use, and save money.

Save on Shipping with Codes

When you order online, you should always check for free shipping codes. Saving on your shipping costs can be done by checking out the many sites that have free shipping codes. You can get free shipping on contacts, purchases from Nordstrom, pet supplies, and many other places. Amazon offers free shipping on many items also. The sites often have promo codes for saving on purchases also. Some sites will even allow you to stack discount codes which is when you can add multiple codes, sometimes this is just a glitch though and it may not work, but it’s always worth a try. Speaking of glitches, you can always check out how to find glitches online too and see if that’s something you have a knack for!

Using technology to save money on shipping by checking for codes before ordering is easy to do. If you don’t find a free shipping code on the site, just go do a Google search. Type in the business name you want free shipping or discounts from and then type in ‘free shipping’ or ‘coupon codes’ and you will be surprised how many of them have such deals.

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Newsletters and Sites for Savings

You can sign up for newsletters in your email that have savings in them. There are cost saving recipes, money saving tips, coupons, and even free things listed in newsletters. Who doesn’t like getting free things in the mail and saving money! Some newsletters have contests with great prizes along with the free samples you can find.

Many of the newsletters are on social media sites too. Kips Free Stuff is a site that has a newsletter and is on Facebook. New samples are in the newsletter daily. Woman Freebies is another great site to find savings and free samples as well as contests. The free samples in the newsletters sometimes are offers you sign up for but they are free and there is never a cost for them.

Final Tips n Tricks to Help You Save More Money!

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As you can see, a wonderful way to make technology work for you is by using technology to save money.  Coupons, free shipping, and free samples are easy to get using any of the simple ideas you found here. Many sites and newsletters offer coupons and samples. Free samples coming in your mail will be like getting gifts. Social media is another great resource for finding samples and coupons, so watch your Facebook or Twitter for some deals that may come your way. Sites with free shipping promo codes come in handy when you order online. Lastly, you can also save money by reading reviews before you purchase the product. You can find many product reviews at The High Tech Society, and if you don’t see one on the item you’re looking at buying, then request one!

I hope this has helped you to see that you don’t have to be a coupon expert to save money, you just have to know a few simple tips, and you can save money. Check back with me soon for some of the latest freebies and deals from across the internet and please comment below with the best freebies and deals you find, or even just some great tips on how you use technology to save money!



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