Save Money Online: Apps and Websites Used In Coupon Groups

Save Money: Apps and Websites Used in Coupon Groups

Whenever you join a new group there’s often some lingo or terminology that can throw you for a loop, this is even true of coupon and glitch groups. In these groups that you join to save money while shopping online they often have certain terms, like code stacking or acronyms like SYW, that if you’re new to online shopping or couponing online you may have no clue as to their meaning. Along with the lingo comes apps and website references that you may also know nothing about, and that’s what this article (part two) is here to inform you about.

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What is Ebates?


When you’re in a group to save money you’ll probably hear about Ebates. Ebates is basically a rebate app and is a great thing to use when shopping online and locally now too. I am writing an article about it and will post the link here so you can see how it works, but basically it’s a rebate site that shows you how much you’ll get back by shopping at a certain retailer. For example, I needed some pots and pans and saw them on sale at so I went to Ebates site, clicked on JcPenny as it had a special going on Ebates for 14% back (normally was about 6%) and then on I found my pots and pans and bought them and got the 14% back as well as the good sale deal JCP had. You get paid through check or Paypal. I have been using them for 2 months now and have gotten back over $80.

What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is another way people can get free giftcards. They ask you to watch little videos, fill out surveys or use their search engine and in exchange you get points you trade in for gift cards.

What is Ibottta or Checkout 51?

download ibotta app

Ibotta and Checkout 51 are two apps you can use to get money back. They are a bit similar to Ebates but with these apps you have to upload your receipt or scan your purchases into the app in order to get your money back. Also, there’s usually a limit to how many items you can buy or how long the offer is good for. These apps work best for grocery shopping.

What is Brickseek?

brickseek screenshot

This showed up for $1 in some zip codes and $19 in my area. It was MSRP $99, so either would be a great deal!

One of the common sites you’ll see referenced when in a coupon or glitch group is, Brickseek. What is Brickseek? It’s a site that can be used to check inventory and prices at major retailers. We mostly use it for Walmart and Target. You go to and you can enter the SKU number (that should always be included if you have it on a sale item so we can look it up) and your zip code. It will tell you the inventory at your local store and price. This is not a guarantee you’ll get it for that price, they will not price match this app or site, but it’s often correct and you can use it to help you decide if you want to bother going into your local store to find the item for sale at the price.

Amazon Prime, Subscribe and Save and Prime Pantry

If you’re already used to getting good deals online you likely use Amazon Prime and Amazon Subscribe and Save already, but if you’re new you may just be learning about them. Amazon Prime is a wonderful way (my favorite) to save money. It’s about $100 a year but includes a lot of things, such as free 2 day or one day shipping, lots of free tv and movies, free ebooks, free music, free cloud storage and more. The Subscribe and Save service is a part of Amazon as well and is something that allows you to save from 5-15% on each item if you set up a subscription. Savings can be quite large and they even offer coupons on these at times. You can set your subscription from one to six months and changing or cancelling is easy. Sometimes I will just order it once to get the discount and then cancel it next month. Prime Pantry is something that allows great deals too by filling up a box for $5.99 shipping cost. You get deep discounts. I only use this when I have credit for Prime Pantry which you can get by choosing a longer shipping method instead of 2 day shipping.

What is

coupon, couponing order,, tide and snuggle online shopping is a great way to save money and is similar to shopping on Amazon. This site is owned by and may give Amazon a run for its money. Mostly Jet carries and sells best household supplies like toilet paper and laundry detergent, and after comparing it to Amazon we did see that they are many times a lot less so there’s some great savings to be had. They have coupon codes often so watch their homepage for these or do a quick Google search for ‘ discount codes.’ We got recently large bottles of Tide for $4.00 each, Snuggle dryer sheets large box for $5 each and Bounty paper towels for 50 cents a roll. All was with free shipping too. We used three different codes, it allowed them to stack, which was awesome and it gave us free shipping too.

Can You Still Find Coupons Online?

If you like printing coupons for local deals, as I still do, you can check out,,, and and also check individual sellers like P&G site for coupons on their products. Please feel free to add your favorites in comments.
These are just a few of the top apps and sites used in coupon groups. There’s a lot of other ways to save money when shopping online too so be sure to follow us for our future posts that will keep helping you save. Also, we’d love it if you want to join our Coupon, Deals, Freebies and Glitches Group on Facebook to save money and don’t forget to read part 1 for more Coupon Group Terminology and Tips to Save Money Online.
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